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The Gallery season 3.


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Just now, Hask said:

The black disk next to the tape is a squib.

Tape must be hiding the wire.

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Normally once work on a CRL begins the color of pieces would be discussed by those building/researching the costume as well as staff, there has yet to be a discussion here on the forum that I'm aware of.


For base approval a general approximate color is usually what most use. 


Currently there are 3 other CLR's FISD are working on.


A CRL will not be completed until someone has a completed a costume, supplies all images required as well as help with CRL text creation.


Some info on CRL creation and New to the legion costumes https://databank.501st.com/databank/Costuming:CRLGuide

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I have done a summary of the research I have found and gathered through various sources, including the images above a en divided them by armor sections. if DrMatt you can share your link again (it’s now broken ), that would be very good.

here is the link to the document I have made, way too many pictures and sections.Hope this will help defining key elements of the CRL


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