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Action Photo Background

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Action Photo Background


It makes our job a lot easier editing your images into the Expert Infantry Honor frames if you use a contrasting blank background when taking your action photos for your EI applications.


Contrasting is not using a white/light or black/dark background while wearing black and white, it  just doesn't work. Also taking photos outdoors, in sunlight, in the garden or in front of brick walls really makes our job harder.

A simple solution is using a colored sheet or a tarpaulin.


no.png.f76b654efb07c3c8ca1cfc02cb14056a.pngHere are a few examples of backgrounds which make our job difficult :(


2I1UDqi.jpg     oPNoTSQ.jpg


65baBy0.jpg     5L4GqbK.jpg


zDO331I.jpg     mhHAroS.jpg





 yes.png.21a64eb6ec180b155d4e380ff2a9f8df.png  Here are a few examples of backgrounds which make our job much easier :)


4ZdJRnF.jpg    Sv9HGzp.jpg 


93ItBgj.jpg     ITTnYPS.jpg 


yJvX81V.jpg     I6cQkJq.jpg



If possible please try to use a contrasting background when taking your photos, your GML's and GWL's with also thank you for it :salute:


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In keeping with the elapsed time pattern, I'll bump this for you Glen. I actually just hung my green screen up after washing in preparation for my impending approval photos!

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