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How durable is Jim Tripon's Flexible fiberglass kit compared to the average abs armor?

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Being fiber glass with a resin coat, yep it sure can crack but there are several things to take into consideration more than just the material armour is made of.

Size of trooper wearing it and how it fits. Close fitting parts can catch and rub against each other creating pressure points that can crack ABS of flex fiber glass.

How you troop. Some are very active and not only troop frequently but also move around vigorously. Run, jump around etc. So depending on how you act can determine how long your armour will hold up.

Tall or short, removing material in some areas means less flex than the standard size which can also alter the structural properties of various pieces.


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I have two of Jim's kits and have had several ABS kits over the years - I would not say either one is any more or less prone to cracking. It happens. Fiberglass can be much easier to repair, but also requires paint on top, which can make it better and worse. They're just different materials.

That being said, the kits that Jim makes are typically ones that are made by the studio in a flexible injection-molded polyurethane material, so Jim's flexible fiberglass is the most accurate approximation we currently have (or are likely to get) to the screen used armor. I did an additional layer of resin reinforcement in both of my suits, but made sure to use a resin that remained flexible, and I haven't had any major concerns. Any cracks I have gotten have been small, mostly in the very surface layer, and at points of high stress/flex. /$0.02 

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