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Doomsdale's TK Stunt Build [WTF]


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Cont'd from earlier tonight...


I ordered some cheap helmet padding from amazon (meant for bicycle helmets, but all the comments were from other stormtroopers haha). I affixed them inside with velcro. It's a lot less bobbly and I can still see below me somewhat.




...I'm suiting up!! :smiley-sw013:




I'm so excited guys! This has turned out really well. I think I'm about ready to head over to Pre-Approvals.


A few things I want to tackle:


1) My belt snaps are just barely unaligned. I'm going to add some velcro underneath the ab buttons to help keep it in place. 


2) Shoulders are too far from chest plate. Will have to shorten strapping to bring it in closer like this image: 




3) Add velcro to undersuit and neck seal? Mine seems too short in the back and easily comes loose. This is probably a consequence of the back sitting too low still. Any suggestions on what to do here?


4) Add a dabble of glue to the underside of the elastic bands holding the shoulder bridges on the back. Keep it from riding down to the white elastic.




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Excellent news, welcome to the ranks trooper, looking forward to seeing your EI application in the near future, good luck 

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