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Revvek's SE-44C [IF-T5H] blaster build


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found time to do a little trigger work.

Used a portion of an old retractable ballpoint pen spring, and glued it into the pocket for the sprint. (cut to length of 14mm and cut side in the glue)




I didn't figure out how to put a spring into the trigger to make the safety pop back out... yet... but I can remove it easy enough later to try again.



just need to finish working on the means of getting power from the slide after it is the shell, in order to power the LEDs behind the red light bock, and I can do final assembly!




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Last night I finally got around to fitting 2 single pin connectors into the Slide.

this will let me plug the LED unit into the top of the slide after the white shell and Glock unit have been joined together.



I also cut out the bottom to make them accessible from that side, and to run wires over to the power connecter from the grip.  First time using this tool in my dermal! I like it.



Started hand held with the part in a vice, but quickly decided that was a bad idea, after slipping once... SO, I switched to making the tool into a mini mill. worked much better! messy!



Time for Primer, so I can paint and do final assembly soon!




love that T5H modeled all of this, even though most of it will never be seen once the shell is on.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Time to cross the finish line!


the LEDs I ended up using for this project are tiny SMD LEDs strung together with a resistor to help them run at the proper voltage. 

they work!



they fit in the window perfectly!



At this point I was still considering adding some pins to plug into the 2 sockets in the top of the slide unit. (pictured in a previous post above) but then I played with trying to put things together and that ALL went out the window.


So instead I just added some silicone wires, and glued only the sides in. This was to reduce heat issues by letting air each the LEDs.

I also started to make some small clear diffuser lenses to fit inside. 



Then glued it all together in a stack.



and I have the sight rail ready


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Time to permanently install the top connection point into the grip.

I inserted the power magazine, and then pushed this in till it connected properly inside with the top of the mag, and added some e6000 around the sides to hold it.


the lump in the black wire is the resistor.



Then installed the Glock frame into the shell and added the first screws to help things hold together.



Also installed the Trigger and white grip cover. 

I was concerned about how to glue the grip cover on, but in the end I decided to only put glue on the back side of the grip and let the sides just be. I didn't want glue getting on the edges, as e6000 melts paint easy. 



had to drill some of the holes to clear the path for the screws.





These parts are 3D printed resin, so I also Tapped them, to avoid cracking it.


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I ended up cutting a big hole in the top of the slide, rather than try to use the 2 pin sockets, there just wasn't enough clearance for things to fit together that way... 

didn't take a photo of that!...


but no pin socket meant soldering the parts together 



and when the power pack is installed for the first test, it works!




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I just need to replace the side bracket with a metal one, and add the screws to mount to my thigh holster.


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  • 3 months later...

The final touch is ready.  (Holster screws will come later once I sort that thing out)


Bad paint job fake metal part to be replaced with real aluminum part my brother milled for me!


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I finally got around to adding the finishing touch, the metal side -late I had my brother make for me. :)

(minus the screws, because I need to sort out the holster first)

First scuffed up the side of blaster with a small Dremel engraving bit to let the e6000 grab something other than paint. 



I think it turned out nice!


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