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Themaninthesuitcase F-11D Standard build

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My new printer arrives tomorrow so I'll finally be wanting to print out the last few parts for this. I should do an update on where I am.


Anything I can print in resin is now done. Had a bit of trouble with warping of thinner parts but got there in the end.




I ended up printing that part on my Prusa in PETG and then using Resin as a filler to get a nice surface, and a flat one!


I also went back to CAD and added locating pins, well holes for a bit of filament, to align the cylinders, the Hengstler greeble and the magazine mount block.


yF8ZH5fl.jpg  951jLc9l.jpg 


There are matching holes on the Hengstler and Magazine body.  This helps ensure that everything all lines up and there is no mistakes with the glue.  




This is more or less where I am with the parts, though I need to reprint the hub with the new location holes in it.  Once my be printer is setup and calibrated I'll run off what's left and get to my favourite part....painting 🤮


Electronics wise, mistakes where made.  But so was progress.




Looks great doesn't it.  Nope I had the amplifier board rotated 180° so it stuck out the side!  


It does however fit inside the blaster which is nice:


Wiring it up will be a nightmare but it will fit, even if I have to solder the wiring directly but I am hoping to avoid that.


As I needed to order new boards I decided to check a few things.  Like the red LEDs seemed REALLY bright, that's because I was running them at about 150%.




Some maths later and a test board I went with ~25%. To the eye it's hard to tell vs 100%, and has the benefit of using a lot less battery.


New boards have been ordered, and being made by robots at vast expense.  I did it all by hand last time and it was a faff as the parts are tiny.




And a demo of the FX:


1st trigger to fire, 2nd trigger is basically a mode switch.  By default it loads up "safe" as we're not meant to use FX when trooping.  Pull the 2nd trigger to toggle and the weapon is live.  You can fire or hold the mode switch to enter the obligatory Disco mode. I am tempted to add a way to change disco tunes, but thats just being daft at this point.  Barrel heat up is also something I have considered adding.


The last "trigger" is actually going to be the front handle, and atm all it does is enable or disable the front torch.


Everything is driven by the software, the switches are read in and than I act on those,  so I can change things later.  


The other thing to note is power.  There are 2 switches, one is for safety the other is convenience.


The first you see me switch completely disconnects the battery from everything so if something s going wrong I can pull of the end cap which is held on with magnets and flip it and it's all dead.


When the main power is on it connects the battery to a USB charging and limiting board, that goes to a 3.3v to 5v step up board and then finally on to the main circuit.  Here a 2nd switch is in place, mounted in the magazine.  This just cuts the power to the main board and lights.  This just means I can flip it whilst trooping when on breaks to save some power.


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