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Tactical light for E11?

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I would think the same style as R1 but I may be wrong https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/41271-rogue-one-e-11-blaster-reference/


If you read the ROGUE ONE E-11 BLASTER REFERENCE thread you'll see that the screen used flashlight is actually an airsoft replica of a 'SureFire' tactical flashlight. It's called an Element M300A Mini Scout Light. The difference is the real thing is worth around $300 while the airsoft knockoff costs around $50 or so.f9UaUPC.jpg

One thing to be sure about is that you buy one with the correct button guard variant. It should look like the one in this photo, the other kind with scalloped cut-outs is incorrect and not screen accurate.

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13 minutes ago, Skiffy said:

Thanks gmrhodes - I'll take a look through that thread. This time of year (dark early in the UK) a taclight on an E11 is going to look great.

I do like having a light on my F11D, makes it easy to see your keys in the door lock :laugh1:

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I added one to my DLT19 for the R1 cinema release  but not to my E-11 as yet.


Was made from a $2 shop torch and some plastic fittings I had lying around, also a twist knob from an old router



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