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RWA Pauldron


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Hi Sal, I have not purchased a Pauldron From RWA (Ross W.)  but I have his Armor, neck seal, ammo belt and other soft parts and I can say Ross take care of making a great quality products and for He's a 501st Stormtrooper I'm sure his pauldron is Approvable.  



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Has anyone purchased one of RWA’s pauldron? I was hoping to see photos of the quality and if they are approvable. Thanks!
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I have a feeling that they might be made by a third party. If they are made by who I think they’re made by, they’ll be very, very good! :-)
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So Jay Parsons over on the MEPD website used to make all the Sandtrooper pauldrons. These were the real deal, made of leather, excellent padding and I understand it they were about as screen accurate as you could get. I have one of his TD Captain (orange) pauldrons and I had him custom make my Death Trooper pauldron. I can't say enough about his products. 



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