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Neck seal, boots and body suit.

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Hello.  I have received my ANH  armor and am reading so many threads.  Theres a lot here! To sum it up...heres what I have/need?






Rubber gloves

Canvas belt


What I need?

Boots (going with Imperial boots) since TK boots is closed

Body suit: but i have black spandex pants already which i think would work. I also have a black pull over.....maybe this wont work.  First check sporting stores, then if nothing, order from EastBay. 

? Neck seal?  Do I need this????  

I have a blacula head wrap thing, will that work?  

Anything else?   


Thanks so much! 


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Solid black non-textured undersuit with no visible logos (when the armor is on).  My under armor had grey stitching so I actually got compression gear from Walmart.


Neck seal you will need.  There are a few sources like Trooperbay (order larger...they fit small) and Geeky Pinks Phantastic Gaskets (see Facebook).





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Great news, normally you research while waiting for armor to arrive but at least you are researching, Joseph has a great thread with things you may need: https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/31404-supply-list-for-your-tk-build/


Looking forward to seeing your build progress, good luck


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Looks like you are onto a great start already, there are plenty of highly experienced members here to help you along the way, so ask plenty of questions and please start a build thread.

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