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  1. Hello. I have received my ANH armor and am reading so many threads. Theres a lot here! To sum it up...heres what I have/need? Have: Handguards Detonator Holster Rubber gloves Canvas belt What I need? Boots (going with Imperial boots) since TK boots is closed Body suit: but i have black spandex pants already which i think would work. I also have a black pull over.....maybe this wont work. First check sporting stores, then if nothing, order from EastBay. ? Neck seal? Do I need this???? I have a blacula head wrap thing, will that work? Anything else? Thanks so much!
  2. Im looking for boots. I want to make sure of the site before ordering. www.imperialboots.com Thanks!
  3. Hello Thanks! I found the armor that I would like but how do I contact someone on the FISD? I'm looking for Sskunky.
  4. I am already approved as an IC and a Jedi. I am very interested in doing a white armor TK and after reading about the different armor (ABS or HIPS) I'm confused as to which one would be great for a beginner. I'm 5'7 and a half". Female. Broad shoulders. 155lbs. I don't have any cutting tools or a work shop of any kind. I do wish to troop at least twice a month. Recommended ABS or HIPS? Trimmed or untrimmed? Help? Thoughts? Comments? Thanks much.
  5. Ok here is a silly question... I have read the "who to avoid...and so forth threads, but how do I actually contact one of the makers? AP does not have an email listed. Help! Thanks. Darth Katz
  6. I am looking for Mark from AP. Can someone tell me if he is still making sized armor. Thanks If he is not still producing, then can someone direct me to someone who is.
  7. I am just starting out. I have been doing some studying but still am clueless as to which would be easiest for someone who has no building skills. I am 5'7", female, average build/broad shoulders. I feel I need more direction. My goal: is to put aside my SL and go the TK route so that I can troop by like Christmas. Thanks for any opinions. :-)
  8. Hello TK's, I am Darth Katz from the West Side of Michigan. I currently am working on a Vader suit (hence the "Darth" title) for the past 2 years and find it taking much longer than normal. In the meantime, I would like to do a TK while the Vader suit continues on due to height problems and other such hassles. I figure a TK would be complimentary to my upcoming Vader suit..and I could troop in both. I have been volunteering with my garrison, (Great Lakes Garrison (GLG)) for the past 2 years and have enjoyed doing various mission tasks. I got word from a GLG member recommending that I do a ATA or AP style armor due to my size of 5'7". I am not sure what this means so if anyone can explain that would be great. I don't know if the TK's are the same as the Vader's as far as which movie version....so if I were to pick a movie version it would be the same as my Vader suit- ROTJ. NOW, my first question is, is this a difficult version to do? (I do not have much in the tools department-just a tool box of : a hammer, wrench, phillips screwdrivers, nails, and some plyers). Thanks very much for helping a newbie. Darth Katz
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