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Hi guys I'm looking a little help. I have boutht my partner the E 11 blaster build kit from dooby doos. I wanted to compleat the gift by buying the right one paint, glue and paint brushes. If anyone could help me out that would be great. Also if anyone has a guide of how to paint example e what colour to paint what part. Thank you. 


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To be accurate everything should be done in a satin black minus the pistol grip and the fins on the barrel. You could do a hammered finish and then the satin. The pistol grip should be gloss black and the fins should be a matte/flat black. On the Sterling L2A3 the grip was plastic and this fins are a rubber.
The inner barrel ejection port cylinder can be a brushed aluminium and the spring should be a steel color.

Hope that makes sense and helps.

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Doopydoos certainly makes a great kit, Aine!  I have built several, and there are hundreds of us who use them.  I would highly suggest having your partner check out this thread, which will answer many of your questions:  https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/32111-fisd-e-11-blaster-reference/

I'm not sure how "screen accurate" your partner wants to get, but they can get really close depending on how much time you want to put into it.  For a more realistic look, I can highly suggest picking up one of Tino's E-11 finishing kits.  Well worth every penny!  https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/28444-fs-completion-sets-for-e-11-resin-kits-with-worldwide-tracked-shipping-and-paypal/


Once it is painted, I recommend adding "weathering" to it in certain places with a bit of silver paint, which gives it that realistic look. Below are a few pics of mine to give you an idea You can pretty much weather any area except the T-tracks (the little "fins" around the barrel)  and the handle.  The scope can be weathered using some brass colored paint.  Here are a few pics of mine to give you an idea:


JamEzIR.jpg?4 Z0eXZHK.jpg?2  


Close up pic showing the small details (screws and such) that are included in Tino's kit:



I wish your partner all the best on their build, and if they should have any questions we are here to help!

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Great link from Joseph, there. The FISD Blaster Reference guide was invaluable throughout my build, and many others. Tino’s kit is also worth the investment for a more detailed build, if required.

I used the FISD E-11 Blaster Reference guide, along with a few other build threads, to get through my build. I specifically found the build threads of T-Jay (Tino) to be incredibly helpful for tips and tricks. He also goes into paint options.

My own blaster (video and build thread links in my signature) used 4 different paints. Grey primer, silver undercoat, hammer black, Matt black top coat, brass for scope and part of counter. The application of these paints, and to which parts of the blaster in which order, are included in my build thread.

Personally, I only used spray paints so brushes were not required.

Glue - many parts are screwed to the tube. Glue can be used at the very end to add extra stability. Super glue for some parts. E6000 for others.

A Dremel is also an E-11 blaster builder’s friend.

Any other questions, do feel free to shout.

Best wishes


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The boys definitely got you covered. :duim:  Look through the Blaster Reference and some build threads to get an idea of what is possible.


We have all been where you are now. When I had this kit in hands the first time, my thoughts were "I glue it and paint it black". God knows what this then turned into... ;)


If you want more help you could post your build progress here to have many eyes watching and giving advices. The result will benefit from that.

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Thank very much guys. I appreciate the help. As it's for a Christmas present I might get him the tins of spray paint to start him off and let him figure out where to go from there. I just wanted to get him the basics to start him off. Thanks for your help. 


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