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September FISD Newsletter 2018

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Chung Kent  Wong 


 It is sad news that we report the passing of another brother, Wong Chung Kent (TK-96350) of the Singapore Garrison.


A few words from Fellow trooper Dennis Maloom "NINJAMOVE" TK-16112


It is unfortunate for me to relay this news to you but we lost another good trooper in our ranks. Honestly, I'm not familiar if there are procedures in informing this sad news to you guys. But this is how I can share my memories with my fellow brother. 


Wong Chung Kent (TK-96350) was the first friend I had when I decided to join the legion. He is literally the first guy who I've talked to when we first attended an armor party.


Though he may have struggled to finish his armor, he was persistent to complete it so he can attend our first troop back in STGCC 2016. 

He will be remembered as a gentle giant with lots of words of wisdom. He would sacrifice trooping just to look after us as a handler/ minder or even lend us his hand in buying us all lunch when we were all too busy. There may be dramas or conflicts within the Garrison but he keeps on reminding us to keep cool and always aim for the better good, that this is only a hobby, an outlet where we should enjoy and share Star Wars as plastic space men. He may have rested in peace but he have ran a good race. We have been grateful for his friendship and company and our 501st experience wont be complete without him touching our lives.  


Thank you so much for your time reading this. Appreciate all the support and more power to you. 


Our condolences go out to his family and friends.


"Buckets Off"











In my part of the word September marks the time when the kids return to school, the hot summer is finally over, and American football kicks off the regular season. After a nice break in August (with thanks so the Hong Kong Garrison), it’s time again to kick off the second half of the 501st “year” as FISD resets to get back to work.


My family vacation to Hong Kong was fabulous and we loved it so much we’re already talking of going back. Yes, it’s a big city but everyone is so friendly it was like being in Hawaii. But in a city. I met with members of the Hong Kong garrison on my final night and they were as gracious as could be.  I’m still writing up my trip report so you can read more there when posted (it should be out any day), but in short if you can ever find a way to get to Hong Kong you should go, as it’s a fantastic place to vacation.


On the merchandise front, we’ve sold out the last of the coins and patches are about closed out as of this writing.  As I’m sure you’ve heard from your GCOs, LFL is working on changing the guidelines by which 501st merch can be created and sold, so we’re working on getting a few items in while we can as it’s not clear what those changes will be, though the rumour is that they will lead to less items being produced less often.  Items currently in the queue that we are looking at doing are a re-issues of our standard items (coin, gold EI coin, patches) and FOTK version of the racer shirt, and perhaps a founder’s coin before end of year.


There are some CRL changes that you’ll want to keep an eye on that should be completed soon. The first is an update of the TKC (Stormtrooper Commander) that is long overdue, based on meticulous research by our very own Glen (gmrhodes13). We’ll have one last pass for open comment this month then they’ll be baked. They will likely also carry over to the ICN (Incinerator) as the details are highly similar.  We are on the cusp of having The Last Jedi Phasma done – only a few photos left and when published will be the last open CRL we have in the works.


For the second half of the term, our focus will shift from creating new policies and initiatives to investing and delivering on ensuring that FISD remains the best resource for stormtroopers and stormtrooper costuming worldwide. The landscape is always changing (new vendors, new ways of making props, new details found in research) and you can count on FISD to provide all the details you need.


Keep on trooping,



With Unquestioned Loyalty
Paul Hoeffer

TK8020 “Daetrin”

Detachment Leader






Members, Centurions, Expert Infantryman, lend me your ears


This year is charging along at light speed and at its current rate we shall do the Kessel run in less than 12 parsecs with a couple to spare, and before you know it 2019 will have landed.


Detachment planning for the remainder of the term is underway so I will discuss a few items that are still happening or are going to happen in the very near future as we work together to achieves a few goals.


March to 1000: Yes this is still running, so please keep those builds going and EI applications rolling in. The deployment office has employed another Deputy and are on top of submissions so so don’t delay, become an Expert infantryman today :salute:


New Merch: A thread is up for expressions of interest on a First Order FISD race shirt variant here


We have one design that reflects closely our current branding model, but this is not to say it can be our only option. If you are one of our talented members who would like to offer some alternate designs, here is your chance.  We are working with a short time frame for reasons which I will explain shortly, but please If you can get something together in the next week or so, go for it!!


As mentioned in the shirt thread, there are some things that need to be  organised before this shirt run can become a reality.

1. A final decision on a design, so if we have some choices, that will be decided on consensus.

2. Approximate numbers interested, we have a thread running but this will soon contain another design I hope, numbers will effect the final price, the more in, the cheaper they will become.

3. LMBO approval, Paul and I will look after part.

4. Most important outside of the above is for someone to helm the run.


This is a great opportunity, to help your Detachment and learn a few things along the way. You will have assistance, you will have someone to answer any questions and you will have support through the process.


I have spoken with Pretzel (Preston) our Attache Ambassador, and he would like to offer this opportunity up to the Attaches, so he will discuss this further in his section of the newsletter.


Our last shirt run was handled by Alay (Sarah)  who did and outstanding and thorough job, so she has offered guidance to whoever takes on the responsibility of this new run.


I wrote further up in this article that there is a limited time frame for shirt designs and execution for this run. As you may or may not be aware, LFL/Disney will be releasing a statement regarding all legion merch. Now we can only speculate what that may entail, but it has been suggested that merch runs might be restricted in type and quantity compared to how legion operates them currently, so moving quickly to gain approval from the LMBO on these shirts could prove very important in the near future.


New Staff Member


I would like you all to welcome our newest addition to the Deployment officer team Dan "CableGuy"


As part of future proofing high time demand roles like costume approvals, we now have our regulars Tony, Joseph supported by two Deputies in Shane and Dan.


These guys will be getting up to speed on everything required to give balanced and informative EIB and Centurion reviews in this quieter period.


The aim is to make sure in any events such as vacations, sickness or even someone wanting to take a break, that the day to day approvals will continue in a timely fashion and decrease work load in busy periods.


Until next time



With Unquestioned Loyalty

Andrew Franke

TK-11469 "Sly11"

Executive Officer


















An Introduction From Dan


Dear Troopers, (and aspiring troopers), of the FISD,

After 7 months working with the Imperial Attache team, it’s a great honour to have been asked to join the team of Deployment Officers. As a deputy DO, I will continue to do my best at assisting the community with their builds and queries, whilst also assisting with the EIB and Centurion applications.


For those that don't know much about me, I share the same story as many - from the first time I saw Star Wars: A New Hope as a child, I wanted to be a Stormtrooper! Seeing them blast their way onto Tantive IV was eye opening. When running around the house with my brother as children, shouting "pew pew", we were pretending to be the Stormtroopers.


As an adult, I stumbled across starwarshelmets.com and spotted a sign behind a picture of two TKs for “SDS”. Reading further, Shepperton Design Studios was (at that stage) regarded as holy grail of TK lids and was based around 5 miles from my house - so I bought one in 2005: ANH stunt number 330.


My dream of a full suit of armour then remained dormant for many years - 12 to be exact. My first experience of the UKG was in 2015, Legoland UK, and I was blown away! That certainly spurred me on.


My SDS lid had become yellow after all those years - my decision to renovate (full respray) in 2017 lead me to whitearmor.net and, as they say, the rest is history.


So, I’m now a cleared Imperial Stormtrooper (Centurion) with the UKG 501st with my RWA Creations armour and modified DoopyDoos E-11. With 9 troops under my belt, I'm enjoying each one more and more. As a father of two children, (2 yrs and 6 yrs), it is always a pleasure bringing smiles to faces young and old, my own children included. 

Working alongside Tony (ukswrath) and Joseph (JustJoseph) is an exciting opportunity, especially given their high regard within the FISD community. I look forward to helping members new and old in the future. The FISD community has played a huge part in my journey so far, and I feel I have seen this get even better over the last year or so. I look forward to helping more and more troopers reach their dream of becoming an Imperial Stormtrooper. 

With Unquestioned Loyalty

Dan Branton

TK- 42911 "CableGuy"



Deployment Officers



With Unquestioned Loyalty

Tony Jobe

TK-10116 "ukswrath"

Deployment Officer



With Unquestioned Loyalty

Joseph Pedigo

TK-10963 "justjoseph63"   

Deployment Officer 






With Unquestioned Loyalty

Shane Aubrey

TK- 71969 "Shanester"

Deputy Deployment Officer



With Unquestioned Loyalty

Dan Branton

TK- 42911 "CableGuy"

Deputy Deployment Officer









The FISD is pleased to announce the addition of a new area in the Advanced Tactics forum dedicated to those ready to submit for basic 501st TK approval.


This section will allow future Troopers the opportunity to submit photos of their completed build to be reviewed by the Staff, Imperial Attaches and others in preparation for forwarding it to their GML for approval.  Any and all advice/suggestions given will be specific, constructive, helpful and respectful.


Please note that this program will NOT take the place of your local GML, as Detachments are not chartered for costume approval and can not override a GMLs decision, but is instead a peer review program designed to help you look your best and offer guidance and positive feedback.  You will have the opportunity to ask questions about your completed armor, weapons (if applicable), accessories, etc. and get accurate information from the experts here at the FISD.. the definitive home of TKs worldwide.


For more information on this program, please visit the link here









TKC - A new thread has been started to discuss some recently found inconstancies with this costume and suggested changes, you can find the discussion here and the CRL here





Don't forget to check out the new 3D section, and please contribute where you can, also see the link at the bottom for the new Contributor award details

Contributor Awards


NqUPTPB.png   OidQx9k.png


Main forum title: 

3D Parts and Technical


Sub topics:

3D Printer owners

Your place to discuss what printer/s you own, recommendations, tech talk and the like, It’s a place to learn something new


3D CAD Designers

Home of talented 3D cad designers, show off your 3D renders, of FISD related costume parts and accessories.  Offer help and advice on programs, or offer to commission a piece for a fellow member


3D File Depository

A home for 3D file sharing, Troopers helping Troopers is what this section is all about; yes a single location to keep any 3D files offered up by our extremely generous membership. This will be a 501st member’s only section and rules will apply to any usage of the content.

I will be looking for content to get these new sections started so If you are interested in helping drive these new forums, then please send me a PM and let’s get the threads and the filament flowing. 3D printer heads will understand that last comment ;)


Here is a link to the New FISD 3D Contributor program.



With Unquestioned Loyalty

Andrew Franke

TK-11469 "Sly11"

Executive Officer








Census, It's Nearly That Time Again


501st Legion Census begins on 1st October so if you haven't yet trooped in this census year (1st October 2017 - 30th September 2018) then you best get out there soon.

Here's what the charter says about activity definitions: Operations Protocol/Membership
An Active Member is defined as a member in good standing who meets the following requirements:

  • Meets all 501st Membership Requirements (i.e. ownership of an approved costume, is over 18 years of age, etc).
  • Has an approved membership record in the 501st Legion Membership Database
  • Maintains active contact with their Garrison CO or GML. Active contact and participation will be confirmed during the annual Legion Census held each year during the month of October.
  • Maintains contact information/membership record in the 501st Legion database either through their Garrison CO or GML.
  • Participates in at least one Garrison or Legion activity per year while wearing an approved 501st costume owned by said member as recorded in the Legion Census. (One year is defined as the period from Legion Census to Legion Census). Examples of an activity include, but are not limited to conventions, charity events, or any activity designated as an official event by a coordinating administrative unit of the Legion.
  • Members who serve in military branches are exempt from activity level requirements if their service renders them unable to meet these requirements.

These Minimum Activity Level Requirements should be administered as justly and with as much common sense as possible.

A member may retain active status, even if they do not meet all of the requirements listed above at the discretion of their unit Commanding Officer or Legion Command.

Remember if you haven't trooped in this census year you may find yourself marked RESERVE, which will mean you will not be able to vote in the next election.


From October 1st you can access the census  here


Note you must be registered on the main forums to participate in the census, register:here






OK, it happens.  You look at your Legion profile and it shows that your detachment affiliation to FISD is pending, or otherwise incorrect.  Why does this happen, and what is detachment affiliation anyway, and what will FISD do about it?


The answer is that detachment affiliation is only ever used once a year, and for one purpose.  The only time the Legion ever uses it for anything is to determine who can run for DL and who can vote in detachment elections. That's it.  Otherwise it is pretty much ignored and not used for anything.


The process of validating detachment membership is cumbersome and time consuming because people use different email information between their Legion and detachment logins, and that there is no way to bulk update the rosters.  For a small detachment it is not a big deal to do this manually, but for a detachment the size of FISD with hundreds and soon thousands of 501st members, it's impossible.


Fortunately we have technical folk both on FISD and in the Legion web team.  Once a year they take a feed from FISD's database and do a bulk update on the Legion database.  This occurs right before the election cycle starts and is done once per year.


Pro tips:

1) Ensure the email address you use on the Legion & FISD boards are the exact same.

2) Ensure that your FISD profile has the correct TKID.

3) If after the bulk update is complete and your profile is still not updated, and you are 100% sure your info is in sync between the two boards, then ask for to the Legion web team.  They should get feedback on why this isn't working.

4) If all else fails, ping the FISD staff.  Which basically means that we'll simply tell the 501st web team to bulk approve everyone :)


To check detachment affiliation go to the 501st Mb database here then click Your Profile Data.


Hope that answers everyone's questions!









 Well with the summer on it’s way out (for some of us), this month’s inductee couldn’t have caught a better back drop for this photo!


I’m captioning this one:


“Cosmic sunset or Death Star destruction? Whatever happened either way, these Troopers made it look cool!”


Please join me in welcoming TK - 94616 Carl Ray to the Stormtrooper Hall of Fame.








With Unquestioned Loyalty
Aaron Gibson
TK99725 "Pyrates"
Imperial Propaganda














 :tkbig:  CLOSED  :tkbig:



 Troopers Helping Troopers Photo Contest  


Unfortunately due to the lack of submissions this competition has been closed.


Related image


thread here


With Unquestioned Loyalty



With Unquestioned Loyalty

Preston Christman

TK-91488 "Pretzel"

Attaché Ambassador








Want Your Troop to be Included?


Just a reminder if you would lie your troop added please post your troop report in the Field Training Exercises section here


Those with troop logs please post a separate troop report as it is easier to link too.


August - September




Dragon Con





More here

By: Christine, Cricket, TK10401






Perth Airport Troop





More here

By: Glen, gmrhodes13, TK85421







File:Lucasfilm logo.png


Retail Embargo Lift


For most of the year we are under an embargo from LFL and can not attend retail locations unless prior approval has been given by them. At certain times of the year this embargo is lifted, generally around Blu-Ray / movie releases, May 4th and Force Friday, the recent correspondence from LFL outlines the lift of the embargo:


"While there is currently a retail moratorium on character appearances in effect, it is being lifted for the week of September 24th - 30th for the SOLO Blu-Ray release and then again for the weeks between November 15th - December 31st to celebrate the holiday season. All fans, costumed or otherwise, can participate with retailers of their choice within these windows with the restriction that costumed appearances must not be used in the advertising for the event. Although these store appearances will be treated like an open invite, we’ll leave it to the fan groups to independently organize around these events as they see fit. LFL will not need to approve or coordinate these".

"Please note that retail locations should not include restaurants, bars, or venues with no apparent reason to feature Star Wars characters. If the retail location does not stock Star Wars products you should NOT be attending."


As always there are strict rules, please speak to your Garrison Commanding Officer,  Squad Leader or if you have one Garrison Events Coordinator before organising any event.

*REMEMBER* Always follow your garrison/squad's guidelines when in comes to organising Disney/LFL promotional troops, only command staff can deal direct with LFL.







Serve proudly, ladies and gentlemen, and as Tim (Dark CMF) says:  "Keep doing what it is that got you here"!


Are you an approved TK that spends more time on the boards than the average Trooper?  Do you enjoy using your knowledge to help out future and existing Troopers?  If so, we would like to invite you to join the Imperial Attaché program!

Members of the I.A. team are chosen to help out not only those here on the boards, but on a local level as well.  Our aim is to have at least one in each and every Garrison, Squad and Outpost in the entire legion to be the eyes and ears of the FISD on a local level.


A suggested level of EIB or above is preferred, as part of the duties include assisting those aiming for levels 2 and 3, but is not a requirement.  Being active on the boards on a regular basis , welcoming new members and helping out where you can is, though.  


Some of the benefits:

1.  Access to exclusive Attaché merch., including patches, etc.

2.  Having the Imperial Attaché title under your name.

3.  Being a part of the team that welcomes new and prospective members of the FISD.

4.  Being the "go-to" person in your Garrison, Squad or Outpost.

5.  Exclusive access to the Attaché HQ area, Imperial Propaganda Machine (newsletter) and merchandise discussions.


We are currently in need of Attaches in many units, especially International Garrisons/Squads and Outposts.  For more information on this program, please head here and if you should have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me at any time.  (Pretzel)


For a complete list of Imperial Attaches, go here






:salute:  NEW ATTACHES! :salute:


Please join me in welcoming our newest Imperial Attache! 


1.  Arthur  @giskard8 is the first Imperial Attache for the Hong Kong Garrison and is the current XO. We look forward to his contributions! Please give him a warm welcome when you see him on the boards. 


Serve proudly, Gentlemen, and as Tim (Dark CMF) says:  "Keep doing what it is that got you here"!






Imperial Attaché Award for those attaché's who have gone above and beyond [minimum 1 year of service]


You can find a list of prior recipients here











For those of you on the Imperial Attaché staff, I am pleased to announce that the official I.A. patches will soon be available... again!  

Here are the details..  PLEASE READ CAREFULLY!

Patches will be limited to TWO per person, and will only be sold to those who are current FISD Imperial Attaches.

The cost will be $5.00 each for those in the U.S. and P.R. and $6.00 each for those outside the U.S

You can find the thread here






Attachés? We need YOU!


Fellow Attaches, 


Let me first start off in saying THANK YOU for your continued service on the FISD boards. You have all done well on welcoming new members and providing build advice to members making the journey into the White Zone. 


As the topic suggests, we need ONE of you to step up! To go above and beyond the call of duty. We need one brave soul to host the next run of FISD racing shirts for the FIRST ORDER! 




Is it hard? YUP

Will you get help? Absolutely.

Will hundreds of troopers appreciate your hard work and dedication? You bet. 

Will you question why you volunteered? Oh yes. Ask @Alay :laugh1:


But.. It is a rewarding experience, and a journey you will not make alone. If you feel up to the task. PM me or post in this thread here, and I will fill you in on the details.

THANK YOU :salute:





With Unquestioned Loyalty

Preston Christman

TK-91488 "Pretzel"

Attaché Ambassador














So what exactly are EIB (Expert Infantry Badge) and Centurion levels?

These programs were designed for those who choose to take their armor above and beyond the minimum requirements for basic 501st Legion approval.  It gives you the chance to show a level of dedication and pride that takes your armor closer to being as "screen accurate" as possible, without as much extra work as you may realize!


It also works on giving a better look to the Legion as an entity, and you can bet others will take notice of your hard work.  The 501st has a list of detailed requirements for Basic approval, (level 1), EIB, (level 2) and Centurion, (level 3) which can be found here in the Costume Reference Library, (CRLhttp://databank.501st.com/databank/Costuming:FISD_CRL


Here are a few of the questions people may be wondering about:  

1.  "I am a (tall/short/heavy/thin) Trooper.  Can I still apply?  Of course!  These programs are open and encouraged for all sizes of TKs, as long as the costume is correct and meets the guidelines.  There are many specific build tutorials to every option, as well as a vast network of fellow TKs on the FISD to help you out and offer suggestions.


2.  "How much extra will I have to pay for extra items"?  The cost is actually quite reasonable, considering the few extra supplies you will need, which are listed in the requirements area.  While it may run you a little more to implement these additions to your costume, they will go a long way to improving accuracy.  All needed items can be found for sale on this thread: https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/forum/16-ongoing-sales-project-orders/


While blasters are not required for basic approval, for EIB and Centurion levels they are, and may need upgrades (also listed in the CRL).


3.  "I haven't even got my kit yet, is it too early to start planning"?  Actually, aiming for Centurion is easiest to do right out of the box.

4.  "I have my basic TK approval, can I still get in these programs"?  In a word... absolutely!  


5.  "Are there any "perks" to this extra work and cost"?  Besides knowing that you have a great looking set of armor, the 501st and FISD believes you should be deservedly recognized for your achievement(s), and allows you to wear the appropriate embroidered "rocker" badge of rank (available for a very minimum cost) on your shirt, helmet bag, etc., as well as rank decals to put on your armor bin.  You will also have access to select "challenge coin" runs, receive (free) a cool certificate for your new rank, and have your title posted below your name in your FISD signature.  Plus, once you reach these levels, you will have the extra knowledge to help out those who are looking to apply as well.


6.  "Is it hard to apply, and what happens then"?   After basic approval, all you do is make sure your armor is up to the standards set forth in the CRL, post a thread with the required photos in the appropriate area (see below), and wait a bit for the D.O.s (Deployment Officers) to address it. (Hint:  Studying other people's threads before you submit can be a GREAT help).  These are also listed on the main page of the FISD site.  While waiting for approval, you will get some comments from others who will offer suggestions and constructive advice to help you out.  If you should need any changes, the DOs will let you know, so you can adjust accordingly.  Don't be dismayed if you do need changes... it's all for your benefit!   After you are approved for EIB, then you can submit for Centurion.  


EIB  https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/forum/19-request-expert-infantryman-status/


Centurion  https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/forum/72-request-centurion-status/


Just remember that the FISD is here to help you every step of the way with whatever other questions you may have, but if you can't seem to find what you are looking for in your research, just ask away here on the forums!



With Unquestioned Loyalty

Joseph Pedigo

TK-10963 "justjoseph63"   

Deployment Officer 






This area lists all those who have gone above and beyond basic approval toward screen accuracy. 


FOR  August - September the 1st Imperial Stormtrooper Detachment would like to congratulate:

Expert Infantry Badge Award:


Dave Gilmore  "ATAUK"  TK 73076  EIB 849

Jose G. Garcia   "TK 71627"  TK 71627  EIB 850

Arthur Wong  "giskard8"  TK 39093  EIB 851

Christopher Bailey "nosferachew"  TK 66401 (HWT)  Second EI award!


GREAT job on your approval, now on to Level 3!  :salute:

Request your free EIB certificate here



Centurion Badge Award:


Jeff Rich "11b30b4"  TK 20980  Centurion 407

Lionel Gallardo  "Lionel Noronha Gallardo" TK 27056  Centurion 408

Ignacio Garcia  "501 pendragon"  TK 13912  Centurion 409

Arthur Wong  "giskard"  TK 39093  Centurion 410


Outstanding job on reaching Centurion, Troopers!  :salute:

Request your free Centurion certificate here  


If you see any of these Troopers around your Garrison or Squad, be sure to congratulate them!








As many of you are aware, the FISD is currently in our March to 1000 program.  Our goal is to reach the one thousand mark of Troopers who have earned their Expert Infantry Badge, and although we are well on our way to this goal and have just passed the 800 mark!  The amount of approved submissions is increasing (over 80 this year alone) thanks to the dedication of those willing to go the "extra mile" toward screen accuracy.  


Here is a brief description of EIB as written by Paul (Daetrin), our founder:


"Expert Infantryman status is not required for members of this detachment. It should be viewed as an optional set of requirements for those who wish to take the accuracy of their costumes to the next level, and be recognized accordingly. We're a costuming club - think of it as an award for costuming excellence and you get the picture.

The requirements will not replace or supersede 501st standards, but only serve as an inspiration for the level of accuracy that can be achieved. The standards are meant to be high but achievable..."


Besides the added pride you will have in your armor, those reaching this level can purchase exclusive EIB gear (patches, decals, coins etc.) and get a free certificate for your accomplishment.  If you are interested or would like more information about the program head here that will help.  You can also contact myself  "Pretzel" or any Imperial Attaché, and we will be more than happy to assist you!






FISD Merch Reform


The FISD for sale and merchandise rules have been in a place for a long time -  they were liberally taken directly from CTN (the 501st clonetroopers detachment) and haven’t had to be tweaked much in 10+ years.  For the most part things have been going well, however we’ve seen an increasing amount of reports of buyers making demands that fall outside reasonable expectations. 

We have had more than one occasion during merch runs, where a member files a PayPal dispute immediately upon seeing someone else post that they have received their items, and the filing member has not received theirs yet.

This is a major pain.  It locks up the PayPal account of the person managing the run, and could potentially cause other members to panic and file claims.  Nobody wins in this situation.  It clogs up the management of the run, creates a mob mentality, and cannot lead to anything productive regarding possible resolution to what wasn't a problem until that PayPal dispute was filed.

The run manager (whether the DMBO or not) is acting on behalf of the Detachment to include the membership, and going straight to PayPal disputes is disrespectful of everyone involved, to include other members who ordered the item(s).

Filing PayPal disputes without seeking resolution or an answer from the run manager/Detachment Command Staff should carry a suspension of no more than 30 days - really it is the same as someone messing up the forum experience for others, except that this is actually messing with people's lives and money.

To protect against this, the following changes are being made to merch runs for FISD effective immediately:
1. Buyers have 30 days from shipment to report a missing or lost item for domestic runs. Sellers are only required to retain proof of shipment for 30 days.  Why?  Domestic shipments should normally arrive in about 7 days.  Some people are claiming items never shipped 5 months after a run was closed, which is way too long to ask people to retain shipping material.  If your domestically shipped item hasn’t arrived after 30 days IOW, you lose the right to claim it was never shipped.
2. Buyers have 60 days from shipment to report a missing/lost item for international runs.  Most items are received in under 30 days, however we know some countries are pretty bad.  Sellers must keep shipping documentation for 60 days on international items.

If the shipper can provide tracking information (e.g. a tracking number for domestic or a customs form for international), they are not held liable for items lost or missing in the mail.


Any concerns post them on the announcement thread due shortly.



With Unquestioned Loyalty
Paul Hoeffer

TK8020 “Daetrin”

Detachment Leader






Interest Thread - FOTK version FISD Racing Shirt


This one is something that many have been waiting for.

This is an interest thread to gauge numbers, please post if you would like to see this run eventuate.


You can find the thread here












FISD Coffee Mugs - 2 Designs!

$14 each

+ $5 shipping in the US

+ $10 shipped international

Sales thread here


Design One


WP_20180121_12_30_40_Pro.jpg   WP_20180121_12_30_52_Pro.jpg



Design Two


WP_20180121_12_30_59_Pro.jpg  WP_20180121_12_31_08_Pro.jpg




FISD Brothers in Arms Sticker

3.5 inch round stickers $4.00, shipping included

Reference: Brothers in Arms

Thread here

paypal  sales@trooperbay.com










We are always on the look out for content, ideas, funny photos or even your TK adventure story so feel free to contact either Danny, Tim, Marcus, Preston or myself.







With Unquestioned Loyalty

Glen "Q" Rhodes

TK85421 "gmrhodes13"

PRO - Newsletter














Facebook & Twitter







With Unquestioned Loyalty

Daniel Lauber

TK55550 - "Ripper_L"

PRO - Facebook Page











With Unquestioned Loyalty

Preston Christman

TK-91488 "Pretzel"

PRO - Instagram






FISD Facebook Group



With Unquestioned Loyalty

Tim Waychoff

TK-51878 "Dark CMF"

PRO - Facebook Group 




With Unquestioned Loyalty
Marcus Dohring 


PRO - Facebook Group 



Don't Forget We're on Facebook and Twitter!

Facebook: www.facebook.com/whitearmor
If you're on FB, stop by and say hi, ask questions, and share stories!


NEW Facebook Group: 1st Imperial Stormtrooper Detachment (FISD) Official
If you're on FB, stop by and say hi, ask questions, and share stories!

Twitter: www.twitter.com/FISD501st or @FISD501st
follow FISD on Twitter!

Instagram: www.instagram.com/fisd501st




On behalf of the 1st Imperial Stormtrooper Detachment Command Staff and the Imperial Propaganda Department


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