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Captain Phasma- starting up a build

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I am almost 6'2" and there is finally a character I can get into costume wise. So Captain Phasma it is! I've always loved Storm Trooper armor but I'm way too tall for it. I'm very excited to have a female (warrior!) character to aspire to. My husband is currently fabricating a Vader costume, so we will be quite a pair... someday. 


I am hoping to start with Jimmiroquai armor and put my painting skills to work. I've got a fair bit of costuming and fabricating experience, however, I usually design my costumes from scratch. This will be an interesting (and complex) challenge to re-create an existing costume instead. I'm a film industry vet, in hiatus for the past few years due to young kids. I am eager get back into the swing of things again. I am an Art Dept person, so this is going to be fun for me.


The gaskets look like one of the more significant challenges, besides the obviously difficult chroming process. Has anyone had good success with gaskets? I definitely want rubber ones, cloth really doesn't look as convincing.


Jessica looks like she makes a lovely cape. I will try to get one of hers.


I have some ideas about the boots, will get into that later.


How many Phasmas are there out there at this point? Would love to "meet" any of them!

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If there are any Phasmas near you, your garrison is the best place to ask. Be sure to join your local garrison's forums to meet some of the members and to ask if there are any Phasmas in your area! Checking the Legion database, there are currently 22 approved Phasmas in the Legion. :) Good luck on your journey!

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Omg ... you are nearly the perfect height for a Phasma! :D


Most of us First Order stormtroopers use cloth gaskets due to comfort. About the only vendor of rubber gaskets out there is Imperial Gaskets. They (Rhonda and Wyatt) are members here and offer gaskets in both latex and fabric. I have both. Personally I prefer the fabric gaskets due to comfort, but you're right about the look of the latex gaskets - they do look amazing. 


Where are you located?

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Hi! Im a Phasma here in Orlando. I think you may have already found the Phasma Costumers group on FB. I have fabric and rubber gaskets, both are great. For LFL and Disney troops I like to go with the rubber ones from Imperial Gaskets. For casual troops either ones work. My armor is fiberglass which really does a number on the fabric ones. Shouldn't have that problem with light ABS, not sure about Jim's as it is flexible fiberglass. My neck seal is Anovos which is super nice but hotter than Hades.


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 I am still researching and figuring out which way to go. I am leaning towards TLJ Phasma, but it would seem that the pristine chrome armor would require actual chroming, rather than painting. I've seen some tutorials on using AlClad II "paint" but I'm wondering if that is only really suitable for a TFA Phasma due to weathering and scuffing. I think the only realistic option for me being in Los Angeles is actual chrome because hot weather and paint do not mix well. The weather is so warm here most of the time that I think any "paint" would get soft and scuff very easily, and as pointed out by Misty, the rubber would peel or gouge off the finish pretty fast. Particularly around the elbows.


I also really dig the spear, and it's so shiny! (Scary)


I'm the least worried about boots, maybe stupidly, but I don't need lifts, so that won't be as complicated. The only thing to consider is that the boots appear to be a dark gray/black suede, and the CRL seems to indicate black. I'm wondering if that is just the way they are reading in photos though. Suede seems to look lighter depending on the way the nap is facing.


Still leaning towards Jimmiroquai armor, but I'm wondering how well a semi flexible surface will take to actual chrome. Went to a 501st detachment meeting recently with my husband who got his Vader approved recently, so I got to talk to a few people who were doing some armor with 3D printing. That was really illuminating. It seems like a Phasma will be welcome around here, especially at my height. 


Hoping to start the actual fabrication soon and stop the research...

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2 hours ago, sonfield said:

Check out our build.  Yes, Painting is best for TFA.  I actually prefer that look.  Love Jimi's kit, was awesome to work with.

How tall are you? I saw the amount of trimming you did, but I’m pretty sure I’m going to have the opposite issue! But I feel like adding on is going to present a lot of challenges. Shawn mentioned he has three different sizes in his kits. I love the idea of the flex in Jimmi’s armor but am really worried about length. I have really long arms and legs. 


I think the paint is ideal for distressing, perfect for TFA, gets that worn in look perfectly. I am drawn to the mirror finish and pristine look of TLJ, so I think the vacu process will be necessary. The other question is whether Jimmi’s or Shawn’s armor will take chrome better. I think I’ve ruled out the 850 armor because it’s based on the TK with Phasma mods. I know that will be way short. I’m eager to pull the trigger but know that both of these will be great kits, it is more an issue of which will work with my extra long situation. I have a terrible time with regular clothes because everything is scaled for people a lot shorter than I am. It makes everything look really funky. Pants and shirt sleeves are always “Capri”.  I kind of detest it because I’m forced to deal with it daily. 

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My wife is 5'7.  It is her kit.  Remember there is a ton of length of the ab plate under the chest plate and that in arms and legs, you will have gaskets in between.  Shawn is AWESOME too..  either should work I would think.  Shawns kit is much more expensive from what I remember.  

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My armor from Shawn should be getting close to done. I went with that for the height issues I may have with the TK armor.

I'm #6 on the list for the Quicksilver baton from JJ industries

I'm doing TLJ phasma, so the boots seem different from the FO side zip the CRL recommends. I'm a bit worried about that.

I'm waiting until I fit the armor to order a cape to see how tall I am.

I'm on the waiting list for IG rubber gaskets. And I have an Anovos Neck Seal. 



Anyone use the Spec OPS boots? They look the closest to me.


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I have a side by side comparison of Imperial Boots Spec OPS with Phasma in the Vanity Fair shots. They really look close. It does appear that there’s a piece of elastic or Velcro holding the heel plate of the foot armor to the toe pieces,  which blocks some of the side of the boot. 




the link to the Imperial Boots Spec OPS shown in the side by side is here. 





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I did buy the Imperial Boots. They are really nice, good leather and instantly comfortable. I’d rather pay a little more for  Boots I don’t have to break in, personally. 


I’m a women’s 10 and I purchased a men’s 9 and they fit perfectly. They are about. Half size bigger (9) but fit like an 8 1/2 , approximately. 


I’m very pleased. They also fit the Thorsson foot armor like a glove, for anyone curious about that. 

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