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2 troopers build - KB props armor


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Looks good. Is this printed from Sean Fields files?

I don't know.. I have it for almost a year downloaded..  :laugh1: but it's from this forum

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Awesome resolution on the printer (assuming you didn't touch up yet), I'll have to look into one.

I printing on ''normal' quality 0,20mm, the best quality is 0,05mm and I'm using Prusa I3 MK2S printer :)​ And it's only printed, waiting for all parts and then I will start puttying Edited by ShadowCat
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I'm impressed. You must have a fantastic printer as my little Da Vinci Pro could never do what yours just did.

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Some parts was maked with space for electronics, but I make some improvements..



Holes for cabel..








Some cutted holes for cabels and battery in 3D model





New things for main barrel





And improvements for Hengstler and Magazine..



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I know it's just dry fitted together but careful, as it is now, the silver part of the scope mount (the part where the two scope knobs are) is facing the wrong way around.

Yeah.. I noticed it, later.. I need to be careful about it. But thank you for warning!  :)

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