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  1. Interesting perspective, but as an investor I'd expect some sort of return. The original model they had w/ tier pricing; those who go in earliest have the longest wait / most risk but also get the best discount and first dibs when released made sense. Paying full price for an indeterminate release date does not provide any value for the investor. I'd still consider them for anything in-stock or if it appears on Amazon like the FOTK helmet, but done w/ pre-order, especially now that other makers are accommodating payment plans. Being the license holder they should be held to a higher standard.
  2. And... cancelled my First Order kit with them, even though the ANH stunt is great. Don't want to deal with the uncertainty and wanted to go in a different direction. Decided to build an Imperial astromech, because doing hard armor isn't enough of a time sink, money pit, or technical challenge. At least I can get styrene from my local sign shop next day.
  3. No issues with quality on my Anovos, but agree the shipping "estimates" are ridiculous. For perspective new members, the in-stock Anovos items should be fine, or if you see a for sale of the kit from another member at a decent price don't hesitate. The great thing, especially w/ the classic ANH stormtrooper is that you've got options with different makers.
  4. Anyone use it with a mic and chin strap? Having issues w/ the wireless and want to ditch it, but regular boom mic gats knocked out of place w/ the strap, don't currently wear a hood.
  5. Fall starts on 22 September, so there's still a chance.. Odds of that happening are 3,720:1.
  6. In my shopping around for various kits, the entry point seems to be around $500 for anything with a helmet and hard armor. I'd estimate $850 for a completed TK with boots, strapping, under suit and around $1200 for my planned FOTK build. If you're building on a budget, I'd recommending checking the sales boards here and on the main 501st site for either older kits or a b-grade. First Order will be hard to find though, regular storm troopers, biker, Tie pilot and clone troopers tend to pop up fairly regularly though.
  7. Curious if the broader claim of a new run of armor to insert in the special editions is true, thought it was all (poorly aging) CGI at that point.
  8. If you order a kit with no strapping already, it looks to be worth it. Everything is there and will cut down work on cutting / sewing traps and tracking pieces down. For Anovos though, the majority of strapping can be re-used, would personally just go w/ brackets from Mr. No Stripes, belt from Rob Kittel, and hand guards from justjoseph, snaps from Tandy. Your call, if you use the brackets highly recommend reinforcing the Anovos return edges w/ scrap plastic before putting the brackets on.
  9. Based on the pictures and reviews the Phasma is not like the regular Rubies TFA bucket. Instead of an even seam connecting the two halves, it overlaps, is very thin plastic, and looks to be the Halloween mask half-helmet with a back added. Some have gotten the better Disney voice changing mask and used the Rubies back to make a full helmet to display or as a party costume, not worth it IMO. I couldn't find the FO Tie outside of the more expensive Anovos.
  10. Thanks for the reply, should have just asked the NoVa Brian TKs. As for jawachopshop, I doubt anyone would have as bad of record hitting delivery dates as Anovos, it has to be an improvement. I like heavy assault stormtrooper, assuming the heavy gunner would need an FWMB-10.
  11. Prepping my build prior to armor being available and looking for updates on the tactical / heavy artillery vest. The only ready-made option I know of is through Anovos, and it, like the armor, is still in pre-order status. The other option looks to be DIY, but based on Ukswrath's tutorial to get accurate with the buckling, notched belt, ribbed strap, etc. is more work than I have time and skill to put in. I could likely get by w/ a stock Flyye, Airsoft pockets and drop box inserts until the CRL is out, but would then need to mod after the fact. Are there any other ready-made options available? Also, is it considered a tactical, heavy gunner, heavy weapons or heavy artillery vest?
  12. Agree, 9/11 Hero's Run, Wounded Warrior, Christmas Parades, 4th of July Parades, etc. aren't real Star Warsy, does St. Patrick's get a pass w/ the Kilted Trooper Brigade? Politics is a curious animal, that one I would agree should remain outside the spectrum. It's nice to find at least one forum on the internet not delving into the daily goings-on of various administration and economic decisions.
  13. The great thing about armor is it provides anonymity. When the bucket goes on, no one knows or cares your race, age, sex, gender or preferences, all they see is an awesome nameless, faceless plastic spaceman stepping out of the screen and into real life. Our Garrison did troop DC Pride this year, but outside of members in obvious relationships I honestly have no idea what anyone's orientation is, we're busy geeking on Star Wars most of the time.
  14. For the Nomex gloves I used sew-on Velcro for the glove side, and industrial adhesive-backed Velcro inside the ABS hand plates. Works great, and allows you to secure the gloves with a rubber band on a mannequin before putting on the forearms. Keeps them from slipping down when on display.
  15. Banking on kits arriving just as Disney releases Ep. VIII.
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