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2 troopers build - KB props armor


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Hello troopers!,

I and my girlfriend, we decided to build our Stormtroopers from episode 7 The Force Awakens.


We buy our armors from KB Props, helmets are from KB props too, Z6 Riot Baton is from Peter and F-11D is from Phoenix props, gloves are from Endorfinders and boots from are from Imperialboots. Second F-11D rifle (or FWMB-10) and SE-44C I will print when my printer comes, gaskets we want to make from cloth and we want to make into helmets a voice changers like Ukswrath's.


My girlfriend want to build Riot Control trooper and I want troper with Heavy artillery vest or Heavy gunner trooper.




This is our first armor build and we are not yet in the 501st Legion, but my girlfriend have completed Kylo Ren costume. We want to complete this troopers to Star Wars day, it's about 55 days. Each comment is good! We appreciate anything.. :)


And here is some photos of armors..




Z6 Riot Baton is unfinished because I'm wainting for 3D printer and Shield comes with armors.




First F-11D (for riot control trooper) is waiting for 3D printer and warm weather  :laugh1:




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Pretty cool, can't wait to see this! Also side note, as I am getting the same armor from them, do the helmets come with the lenses at all?

Yes, helmets comes with lenses, but they are equal and need to bend.. 


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Can you help me Identify boxes? There is lot of it and no marks on it ..  :huh:


1) It's biggest for belt on black pouch?

2) Biggest - main box on Abdomen section 

3) Left front belt box? (from front view)

4) Right front belt box? (from front view)

5) Back side of 4)?

6) Box on abdomen section (one with hole on right side of abdomen section)



9) Back side of 11)?

10) Back side of 3)?



13) Classic boxes on abdomen section?


Thank you for your help!



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Some news from trimming..


Chests are trimmed, but there are some bad trimming from KB props.. 




And there is another problem.. Yoke doesn't aligns with back because KB props bad trimmed it.. Any solution? 


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