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The iPhone is rather picky about things.  9/10 problems were the splitter used.  The other 1/10 was the connection on the mic needed an adapter.


Have you had a look at: http://www.cpearson.me.uk/tkvoice/hardware/ 


A picture will speak a 1000 words too, so a photo of the set up with all the parts will help me diagnose issues faster.

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I have had this problem also. I use Trooper Talk but it is on my I-phone device.  I found that if you plug in the splitter before plugging in the mic and speaker the I-phone device may not recognize them. I was instructed to attach everything to the splitter, then plug the splitter into the i-phone device and then start the program. I have had no issues after during it like this. I know its a different program but hte fix might be the same. Good Luck.

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This is my set up. I have used a vibration speaker so the front armor will be the speaker, this should stop expected muffle. However it works with head phones but as soon as I use the speaker I get constant feedback (with some occasional breaks where it nicely clicks) and no voice no matter what. The mic works fine on voice memo, the speaker works fine on music??? Any ideas? They aren't brand name splinter or microphone as I was trying to do this on a budget. 


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