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CFO ANH/ESB Hovi Pa2 Mic tips project

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Hi guys.......
Please move if this is not the correct place to post this..... wasn't sure which section to start the thread....
Well......... After many years in the making.... Actually after many years of getting my back side into gear and many months of research and development I am pleased to show off the new CFO ANH/ESB Hovi Mic tip project we have been working on.
I was lucky enough to have someone approach me to purchase one of my ROTJ Helmets who is a 3D modeller and has worked on designing parts for Mercedes, Lexus, BMW etc. He is very into to new and improved scanning and modelling tech....
Thanks Olivier!!
After sending him reference material consisting of a set of my mic tips and lots of photos plus his own research we finally came up with what we think is the most accurate Hovi replica done to date..... I am not knocking anyone else's attempt, just my opinion..
Make your own mind up......
Now these are not in production yet as we are looking into getting some tooling made and injection moulding of the parts... Just as  the originals were done.....
I have had a number of Stereolithographic prints done,( a high res printing method ) and the parts go together beautifully. The screens I had cut just click into place without glue and the nipple sits in a small recess and it all screws together at it should.
Here are some pics of how we got there.......
First some pics of the mic tips I believe Gino posted some time back of an original dismantled set of mic tips..
And the com link which also incorporates a mic tip...
now onto 3D rendering....
Oliviers keen eye noticed that on the original mic tips there were traces of were they had been cut off a tree.... Telling us that these were indeed injection moulded...
And the first prints.....




High resolution prints:














Stay tuned for more to come.......... :jc_doublethumbup:

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Wow! They look awesome! Nice work on these. Cool to see you making them like they came off the production line. Looking forward to seeing a sales thread for these someday!

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Wow! It's amazing to read and see some of the process involved in making these. Excellent job!


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