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TFA variants spotted


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It might be fun/interesting/useful to track all the variations we spot. Note that spoilers follow! If you can give me a time mark or specific scene description, I'll note that for others to find easily.


Excepting the basic trooper sets of:

TFA base trooper

TFA trooper with vest and stock
TFA trooper with red pauldron
TFA trooper with white pauldron
TFA trooper with black pauldron

TFA trooper with vest and heavy blaster
Flame trooper
Snow trooper
Snow trooper with red pauldron...


Oddballs spotted:

While Poe is being questioned on Jakku, there's a trooper with a black shoulder bell (right shoulder, just to the right of Poe)

TB-007 has a strap on his F-11D
At 1:43, as troopers peal off to follow Kylo Ren, the last one on the right has two long vertical boxes on his belt.
On Jakku just prior to the run for the Falcon, TFA trooper with vest, stock, and (snowtrooper) backpack
Traitor! baton trooper with no wrist boxes

TFA troopers with and without pauldrons, with flashlight (?) on holster (can anybody give me a time mark or scene?)

TFA trooper at Maz's place, no TD (time mark?)

Tunnel Standoff (deleted scene), TFA trooper with red pauldron, vest, AND MP40 pouch on left shoulder

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You forgot the Baton trooper, which until better pictures surface, I believe he has no arm gaskets, and no boxes on the forearms

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On 4/3/2016 at 8:24 PM, camprandall said:

....and a few guys carrying what look to be flashlights on their holster.


Yerrp, still trying to track down what they were B)



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I've wondered about this one. Anybody spot him with the weird boots while in armor? Or is it a magic switch when he moves to the jacket?

I think he was wearing them when he was taking Poe to the hanger bay
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Lead trooper is wearing an MP40 pouch on his left shoulder.


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Finn only has one pair of boots. This has been known since we discovered he was FN-2187 and the rifle was an F-11D in the TFA Visual Dictionary.

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