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Allan1313's poor man's DLT-19 build

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Well I am in the Anovos camp of waiting for my armor. To pass the time and get started on some things I already built an E-11 (check that out here http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/index.php?/topic/32481-Allan1313's-Phoenix-Props-E11-build )


Now I want to give the DLT-19 a go. Astyanax and Ubernostrom's threads inspired me and have given some great guidance.


So far I have I my gotten some pvc pipe parts and the build a blaster with butt stock.




More to come....

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Got a little work done on the muzzle end with the assistance of a Barbie ruler a dremel.








I cleaned it up a little after that with some sandpaper.


Big thanks to Astyanax for all the blueprints and patterns.

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Well done, brother! Nice to see you off and running. Thanks much for the kind words. I'm figuring out the butt stock as I write this!


What's your plan for sound effect? :D



I think you know what my plan will be...I saw your post about modifying the sound with a bit of solder. It looked great in your video, so I figured I would give that a go. Unless you have come up with something different since then.
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Well I was able to get some more done. I don't have a drill press so I have to wait for myself and my dad to be free so I can use his.


I was able to do the 1-1/2" barrel end that goes onto the build a blaster. (I have not permanently attached it yet as I still need to modify the blasters sound)






Next I did a little work on the muzzle end. I haven't attached the "cup" yet because I didn't have sandpaper to smooth out the inside. I have been using sanding blocks on the rest of the pvc so far.





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Little bit of an update. I was able to do a little work on it today. Following Astyanax's lead I modified the BOB with a bit of wire and solder to get the desired sound effect.


First I modified the front pins:



Next I connected the 2 squares on the side:



Now as you can see, there is the desired sound and rapid fire.



After that I drilled the holes in the front two barrel sections.



I also purchased some plastruct to try my hand as making my own T-tracks.


More to come...

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Made some more progress today. Cut some pipes and sanded/cut pieces to for them together.




Also glued some pieces together, even some that didn't need it. A little E6000 never hurts I guess.






Once everything dries I will test fit the outer barrel so I can cut the inner barrel to the correct size.

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I primed than sprayed the inner tube flat black. The picture makes it look gloss but it's not.




I also tried my hand at making some T-tracks. Aside from the top not being entirely straight, what do you think? Should I make them taller? Overall shape ok? I made them out of plastruct, base is 13 mm wide and T is 7 mm tall.










Also started on one of the sights. Using a piece of walnut that was laying around.




Painted it white to use some contact paper to transfer the shape to the wood.




More to come....still thinking about what to use between the blaster and but stock.

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Here is my crack at the buttstock.


Used some left over PVC, the BYOB butt stock and some green stuff.






Once it dries I will sand it down and see how it comes out.


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While waiting for the butt stock to fully cure I decided it was T-track day.


I went with plastruct to make them. I made the base 13mm wide and the T 10mm tall. Shaped the end of the T and used some E6000 to glue it together.














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Looking slick! I ended up using plastic driveway marker stakes for my E-11 and I also plan on using aluminum tent pegs for my metal build. Keep up the awesome work mate!

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Thanks guys. I like how the T-tracks turned out. I had some time to sand the butt stock. This was my first time using the green stuff, and it's safe to say I used way too much. I have sanded it a lot, but still have much more to go. As an intermediate I put some bondo to fill some cracks and primed it because it really shows what needs work. Here are some pics, but more sanding is in the future for this piece.








I also filled some holes on the gun.







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