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FBJ's ANH Hero Build [TM]

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As more, as i take a look at several wip´s no matter wich kit it is ... rs ... tm ... i learn more and  more and  i am so thankfull for people like you

who let me participate your stunning work! :th_AnimatedBravoSmiley:

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I am amazed my photos are still up, like many others I have had trouble with photo bucket removing all of my links...


still not not finished this build properly... it’s been well trooped in though...




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Image appears a little small, many of us are using Imgur now, using the "direct link" to images appears to work the best.


Bit hard to tell form the image as it is a little dark but the tube stripes look very dark, but could just be the image.


Nice work



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That was using image shack. If you click on the photo does it take you to the hosting site and show the image full size? 

I noticed it was a bit small in the post, it may just be the image I uploaded was small. I will keep testing and may use another hostin site. 

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