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Ukswrath's FOTK build thread

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Biceps. Greeblies and Pill holes with gaffers tape.


Install Gaffers tape behind pill holes. Cut a section of gaffers tape considerably larger the the pill holes. Cut another section slightly larger then the pill holes.  Place the smaller sized tape on the larger tape like so.







Place behind pill holes.





Remove tape from Armor, apply glue and set greeblie buckle.




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Well the boxes have begun to arrive. So excited       Tools: Exacto knifes (large & small) Lexan Scissors http://www.amazon.com/Duratrax-Body-Scissors-Reamer-3-P

A submission photo, wishing I had a gun. Serious build tutorial update in the works.  

Submission pics  

Posted Images

Calves. Install Gaffers tape and greeblie buckles


Using the same technique used with the biceps install gaffers tape on the lower pill holes.






Remove tape and install buckles.





Right side



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Chest. Installing Pill hole fabric, Center indent gaffers tape and Greeblies.


Using the same technique to install gaffers tape add specific mesh fabric to the tape as well. Place behind pill holes.





After adding gaffers tape to chest indent.





Remove tape and install greeblies.





Hold down with magnets.








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Firstly, awesome work,


in the lid itself and the drilled out 7 strips,, What did you put under them to give that effect? the Same tape or did you use some material or?


Cheers, keep up the excellent work.. :-)

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Thanks Art


So much detail and work going into this. This needs to be displayed in a museum


lol yes, this is the other side of the sword, so to speak. When I was a kid I spent a lot of time building models to only put them on the shelf to collect dust. Not this time...lol  


Firstly, awesome work,


in the lid itself and the drilled out 7 strips,, What did you put under them to give that effect? the Same tape or did you use some material or?


Cheers, keep up the excellent work.. :-)


Hey Rob thanks brother, the helmet came lined with black material.

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Accuracy update cont....


Shoulder Bell Supports. In this section I'll be illustrating how to create and install the shoulder bell support system. 


You'll need the following items:

(2) 5" x 5" x 1/16" aluminum plate.

(4) Line 24 male snaps.

Glue, preferably plastic welder or similar though E6000 would suffice.

Piece of paper or similar to make template



Hack saw


Plastic cutter






Needle files


1. Start by making a paper template 4-1/2" long x 3-1/4 wide. You're going a make bracket that will be curved to the contour of your yoke and have a section that extend through the armor eventually supporting the shoulder bell. The section that protrudes through the armor may or may not need to be bent to achieve the correct position. In this section one side has a pretty good bend in it while the other side has very slight bend.


This is a bit difficult to explain to let's show some pictures shall we?


Paper template




2. Transfer template to metal plate





2. Metal (left side yoke) after rough cut and first bend. The tab that will be used to support the bell is 1" wide and 1-1/4" long (from tip to main plate section). Portion protruding out of armor is approximately 3/4" long.






Disregard the inside set of lines. The far right corners will remain intact. My brackets will also be used to bring strength the area that's prone to cracking.





3. Cut out the inner sections. Sightly contour metal to match the shape of the armor. Pre-test fit. Mark armor on each side of the support tab.





4. Place painters tape on outside of the armor. This helps prevent chipping on the outside of the armor.





5. On the inside draw a line between support tab lines that were previously marked, approximately 1/8"-3/16" from the edge of the armor, shoulder gasket side.


Using the dremel and plastic cutter bit cut a rectangular hole in the armor, approximately 1".






Test fit plate. You may need to use a needle file to open the hole enough to install the plate.






6. Mark and drill multiple holes. This will allow glue to come up through the metal adding additional bonding strength. 


The two small tabs and the locations marked with an "X" will be drilled to 11/16", all other holes will be 1/8"





After. Don't forget to clean off all burs and round corners.





7. Install two male snaps in the holes marked with an "X".





Test fit again.





8. Mark and cut two 1-1/8" rectangular holes on each side of the center hole.





...and test fit again.




Left side ready to be glued.


9. Right side. I'm going to skip the narration and just show pictures until it's time to apply the glue.




10. Checking location in relation to the left side.




11. Prepare to cut holes.






Prepare to glue.





12. Using Denatured alcohol clean armor and metal plates.


Apply enough glue so that it protrudes up through holes. Using clamps hold in place and let dry.




to be continued....

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Excuse my ignorance but what exactly is the purpose of the metal plate?


Other than being the strap anchor and alignment for the shoulder bells I'm unsure if it serves any other purpose.

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Spats cont.... & finished (pic heavy)


1. Remove painter tape from spat





2. Ready to glue. After prepping spat and buckle for assembly, apply Devcon glue to spat, connect buckle, secure with clamp and let dry.








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