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Elastic loops and folds: Sewn or glued?

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Sorry, I can't tell from the pics. I have the following questions:


a ) Loops. Like on the thigh elastic, it appears to be just glued. Is that so?


b )Folds. Like on the shin elastic. To my eyes, it's just folded over and the the hook is sewn by hand, but the fold is NOT sewn on. The same goes for the shoulder elastic. Make the folds, and then saw the snap.



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The thigh loops looks to be sewn, to me. Might even be a cross pattern stitch (which would make sense since it's elastic).



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Shins straps seem unseen indeed:



But the shoulder straps are definitely sewn at the end:



For the thighs, the strap is looped and sewn at the top and then glued directly to the thigh armor:



Edit: The chest strap seems unsewn though:


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What you are seeing on the shoulder bell straps is an alteration. The strap was obviously too long and the fold reduces the length. Any other thinking just doesn't make sense. The best way is to get the length right and not have that fold.


The torso elastic loops are sewn - not glued.

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