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AnjelRedemption's ANH stunt build (NE)

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Look what i got!! :dancing-trooper:






I ran inside with my box like a squirrel with his prized nut!!




WOW...look at all that plastic!  wait...whats this?




A FULL BUCKET KIT!! complete with decals,rubber, screws and all other parts!


Thank you Mighty Tank (troopergear) for this awesome kit!


I heard rumors that the NE kit was meant for biger troopers, i'm 5'8, 145lbs (but stocky) and i thought there was going to be a lot of work to do...


Come to find out, (as i was trying on parts left and right) was that this kit seems to be made for me! Everything is pretty well fitted and trimed already.


So i didn't have a whole lot of time last night, but i had to start building on something....


I know some people say don't start with the bucket, but with the full kit and all the tutorials i have read and watched i fell pretty good about it.




The weird thing about the NE kit is the three peice bucket. so naturally i started by gluing the top to the back. I wanted the front traps to line up with the line of the ears. as you can see the back trap is slightly off centered. 


Now to cut the teeth, and then the dreaded ears!




I will be finishing this up tomorrow night...so stick around.


And as always, any tips/tricks or mistakes (contructive critisizm!) are welcome!

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I have the same kit!! I just need to do the strapping and glue the forearms! Just make sure you use E-6000. Just in case.



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Thanks Crusader_6


The kit is really nice!! a lot of the parts that need trimming or bending (ears, shoulder straps, etc) are already done. For the most part i just need to glue it all together!


I agree, e6000 all the way, i don't mind the addl time if it will save me from buying new pieces i glued incorrectly


Good luck on your build!

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Hey Andrew good luck on your build.  This will be a fun time for you.  There are a good handful of NE builds on here and always take the time to look those over during your build. 


Also since you were wondering the NE kit wasn't made for the larger troopers.  The other kit available is AM2 which is geared toward larger troopers.  You shouldn't have any problem getting this kit to fit your height and weight.


Good Luck!

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Thanks for the imput Steve


I had just read on a couple of builds that the NE was taylored that way, but it all worked out in the end!


I have one question while i'm putting this bucket together.


Is there a certain hight i have to have on the brow trim?


I like the low brow, close to the eyes look, makes the helmet look mean.


Do i get to choose? or do all ANH Stunt buckets have to have the trim at the same height?



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Yeah Andrew you can choose.  I chose to have my TM helmet with a lower brow.  You can look at it in my EIB or Centurion threads. 

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I'm 5' 10" @ 210lbs and it fit fine me without shims. Good luck on the build!

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Did some more work on the bucket last night.




I saw on another post how the person trimmed the brow to match the angle of the trap...so i copied it.  looks good i think.




Face plate set.


What do yall think about the teeth? probably a little more trimming to go?






Sorry for the bad pictures (taken from my iphone)




this one is done, just some trimming left at the bottom, but the S trim will cover the rest.




This one still needs some work...






Not bad for stickers!


I have some military style padding coming via Amazon...excited to see how that fits..also need to paint the inside black.


More work to do tonight!



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You might want to trim the teeth a bit more.


Check mine. I used an exacto knife





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The helmet is looking good! Definitely trim the teeth more.

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Hi Andrew!


I got a set of NE armor back in August 2013.  It certainly can accommodate larger troopers, and I trimmed a bunch off it to fit my 5' 10" / 175 lb frame.  Just make sure the armor fits you, and trim as much as you need to get it to do so!


Regarding your helmet, I've drawn red where you can cut outward to.  When looking at the teeth on your helmet, you'll notice the shadow between the two different areas of the teeth.  That will really help you to see visually how far to cut out.  That's what I used as the guide for the lines I drew:






I have an ATA helmet, but here is an un-painted view of how far out I trimmed my teeth:










And here's painted:





I believe most of the current NE kit is the same construction as I did.  I'm more than happy to give advice when you need it.  Please feel free to send me a message if you get stuck.

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Hello everyone!


More work on the bucket this weekend.


Thanks for the visual on the teeth Ron!




So here is the teeth trimmed down more...i know some like the square look, but i kinda like the rounded edges. i don't think there is a manditory way to have them..just a preferace on the person? (correct me if i'm wrong)


Here is the painted mic tips and vo-coder...




I think i need to make the outer vo-coder lines taller...what do y'all think?





This kit came with frown decals as well....i havn't folded the decal around yet because i'm still on the fence if i like them or not.

The only issue is that some of them are not able to cover the whole tooth top to bottom....thoughts?


next is some over all shots..





Starting to look like a trooper helmet!!


Just have to put the lenses in, paint the ears, install the padding inside and it's done!


next step is the armor itself....the question is, what to start on! :blink:


Stay tuned....




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So far so good - but - I think you should try and paint the teeth in. Its easier than you think. :)

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Hey Everyone,


Almost done w/ the bucket!


Here is the ear taped up and painted.




I also painted the vocoder a bit more....i think i still need to paint the top part a little taller to cover up the mold lines.



I decided to keep the decals for the frown, however i will have to cut some of the extra decals to fill in the outer corners of the frown.




after i installed the green lense, here she is!!




Please let me know if i missed anything.


I'm still waiting on my Military Helmet pads to come in and i still need to put some mesh behind the frown but other than that the helmet is done.


so i started on the T-det.


This kit was the best for me because almost all of the parts are pre-trimmed.


The T-det came at the right size already. (this picture doesn't to it justice, it came out concaved for some reason :blink: )



so i just mesured to make it even on both sides and glued it up...i will not be gluing the sides because they are a tight fit anyways and then i can put stuff in them if i need to :duim:





so that took about 1 min to do and i still had some time left....


so i tried on some other parts of the armor...




It's kinda hard to see but this is the ab plate up all the way it can go..(umm) up there! lol. just so the kidney plate will line up with the back plate.





(sorry for the bad quality)


and i had to get one of these shots... :P



over all this kit seems to fit me rather well...so i won't have to do a whole lot of trimming!


I think i'll start on the forearms next...that seems to be the norm on the forums.


Stay tuned!

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Andrew, your bucket looks great! Really nice job.  It seems like the TD is a bit long. 



Not sure if you are aware, but there's some trimming you'll need to do on your chest and kidney plates.  This was pointed out to me when I did my build too. The red areas should be removed. There's a similar piece on the butt plate sides too.







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Thanks for the cudos on the bucket! :smiley-sw013:


The pic of the T-det doesn't do it justice, but it is right at 7'5 inches. (silly i phone cameras)


I was aware of the trimming on the kidney and chest, but i was making sure that they would fit me (width wise) which they did.


hoping to start on the arm peices tonight....


more pics to come! ;)

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Hey everyone,


So i forgot to add some pics of the lens inside..


All i did was make it even on boths sides and mark the spot where it reached the ear screw.


Then i drilled a small hole and secured it with one of my left over nuts from the helmet build.




And after...




now that the helmet is done i wanted to work on the armor, but i had no idea where to start.


I figured that it would be easier to start in the middle and work my way out.


so i will be working on the ab, kidney, chest and back. Making sure they fit and strap up and then fit the legs and arms after.


I began by trimming the kidney..




but i ran into a problem already


While looking at pics and other build threads, i see that the kidney is going to line up with the top of the ab plate on the side.


But with my small waist, this would look weird...




Can i cut the ab plate?


Next is where they line up perfectly if i were to cut the ab plate....




I also did a test fit and this seems to be a good fit for me.




As you can see, there would be a lot to cut off the ab plate, but if i did, then the kidney and ab plate would come together perfectly in the middle of my side.


I just want to know if it's ok to cut the ab plate that much before i do it! lol


Stay tuned!







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Hey Everyone,


installed the military padding to the bucket..




Fits nice and secure ;)


I havn't heard back from anyone on my ab plate concern so i started to work on the bicep.




Holy cow these biceps are tall! :blink:


The blue tape is where i plan on cutting to trim them down other wise it will be riding the inside of my arm pit! lol




Should i take some from the top and the bottom? or just take from the top?


My arms are not that long, i have it set to about 5 and 1/2 inches for total length of the bicep, this will cover my whole bicep with a little wiggle room.


Hope to get some feedback before i start cutting!


Stay Tuned!

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You have a great start so far!! I do think, on your helmet, that you need to paint up to the top of the vocoder. Those ridges should be painted. On your torso, the kidney should be trimmed out to have to extra flashing. In the shot where you have the kidney aligned with the ab, the leg opening of the ab should be trimmed to run along side the ridge just above it. As you have it, the leg opening turns downward away from that ridge. See this pic herepost-12041-0-10173300-1430092972_thumb.jpg

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Hey eveyone,


had some more time this week to work on the build.


I got started on the forearms by trimming the return edge at the wrist





Then came the sizing up...





Since i have small forearms i know they are going to be tough to put together, so i did a test run on one of the inside strips for support...



After this i realized i need stronger magnets in the middle....so forearms are on hold once again. lol


So i moved on to the biceps






I originally was going to cut the top off, but after further sizing (measure twice or three times, cut once!) i decided they are the right height.


I had to stop working on the arms because something came in the mail....




YAY!! snaps/elastic/straps...under shirt/pants from amazon. And Holster/neckseal/mic/belt from trooperbay!!


So i had to start payling with the snaps when i got them so i made some snap plates!




I wanted to finish the body of the armor fist so everything else (arms/thighs/etc) would fit around it.


I started with the kidney as the base and wanted to attach the butt plate.




And with all the snaps and straps attached...




Everything lined up nice and even...i'm pretty happy with it.


So the next step is to attach the back plate to the kidney.


After looking at a lot of screen shots of the back plate, i wanted it to be as flush as possible.


when i looked at the two peices, i notices how wonky they both were! I didn't want to take the return edge off the kidney so i decided to make to back plate flush with the kidney.


After a couple of hours of trimming, i got the back plate to sit on the kidney! literally!


Here are the pics (no tape holding this up!)




it's not 100% flush but with the straps in place it will help mold it to the shape of the kidney.



Once i got it where i liked it, i tapeded it up and drew out the templates for were the snap plates are going w/ pencil and numbered them. This will allow me to make sure there is a tight hold on the back plate so it will stay flush.






Then i glued everything down, once this is done i'll make the straps.


Stay tuned!

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Had a little more time last night...


I finished up the back plate and attached it to the kidney


I used a great method i found on FISD, using a sodering iron to make the holes in the strap.


I measured the distance between the snaps and then cut the straps accordingly and measured up where the holes are going to go




Then i put the female snaps on...




and after...all straped up!




some spots need a little heat bend but over all not to shabby :)


Now to attach the ab plate to the kidney plate!


I started by taping up the sides so they where even




Then i marked the spot for the snap plates, and glued them in place.




This weekend i will be finishing up the ab plate and connecting the chest to ab/back and then the torso is done and time to work on the arms.....


Stay tuned!


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You're making great progress! I'm enjoying watching your armor come together. :popcorn:

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definitely keeping a eye on this build for future reference (late July for ATA Christmas), i've been looking at the same helmet padding the US army issue? pretty secure fit?

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