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Hello I started a T21 build, I need a big gun to pack every once in a while. I'm following panda troopers tutorial so not much new, but I thought I'd share a couple of progress photos. And how I did a few things.


Heres a tip print the template at full scale, spray with a little contact spray and let it dry than stick it on the wood and cut it out, I used my jigsaw to rough cut and then finished it off on the band saw




I had some oak board that I laminated with the pine and shaped the stock. I hope to stain the wood as opposed to painting so the grain will show.




This is how I built the cooling fins. Seemed easier to me and the fins extend into the barrel and will look a little better.





I have some slings on order when I get those I'll fabricate the d ring

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Last nights progress built the front and rear sights installed the tubing and painted the cooling fins.  I'll throw it on the scale after I build the front taper and see what it weighs.



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Current progress, this represents 9 days work. I hope to have it done for a troop next weekend. I also got my repro straps today.






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Had a chance to troop with my T21 blaster this weekend, in a heavy weapons variant ;). It wasn't too heavy and I don't think I knocked anyone over with it. It will be fun to have an alternate look at troops as I'm the only active TK in our city.




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Working on some details tonight. I added the shinny section on the taper. And had "a happy little accident" when I pealed the mask off I had some black paint peal off so I filled it in with silver. I also found some better blue wire to use.



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