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like to put new rules out

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BSN=BikerScoutdotNet? Just curious. Sometimes you guys are worse than NASA with the acronyms...;)


LOL! Yes BikerScoutNet hahaha all the acronyms do get a little overwhelming at first

When i first started i read TD (thermal detonators) on here and thought why would they be talking about sandtroopers.

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I wouldn't worry about him. We here know you are a great guy.


As of right now he hasn't made a post on BSN. I will keep my eyes out on the SLD and alert my other fellow staff members there about what is going on.

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Guest jeff16-bit

So....as of 10:20 yesterday he signed up on the BSN now. What is wrong with this man? what the hell did i do to him? I am dumbfounded on this guy.

You stole my friends as well as several other people's designs. You are scum and it is clear that everyone here supports thievery and recasting which is disgusting.

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You stole my friends as well as several other people's designs. You are scum and it is clear that everyone here supports thievery and recasting which is disgusting.


Prove it sir! To this date you have not provided any proof to your accusations. Until you provide any proof you will not be welcome here or on any other detachment.

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The problem is you are running around in circles crying wolf but have yet to produce a wolf.

You've made unsubstantiated claims than only seem to back them up with emotional appeals and ad homines. Not with evidence which is the only thing that will bring people to your side.

Whether it be a court of law or a scientific consensus the only true currency in an argument is publicly verifiable evidence.

Your unwillingness to provide that only leaves us with the conclusion that you are conducting a witch hunt for some personal grudge you have rather than for a true belief in the ethics behind replica prop making. Unfortunately for you word travels fast on the web and the hunter often suddenly finds themselves the hunted. That's not a threat. It's a basic fact. You are only going to succeed in assassinating your own character and credibility.


Now do me a favor. Turn off your computer or what ever you use to access the web. Go outside or to wherever you find calm, and repeat these next two phrases to yourself until you truly understand them:


"Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence."


"One should not believe a thing simply because one likes believing it."

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So get this...he just posted on BSN and how hes claiming i tried to recast MC's snowie. First is was RS and BM..then all of a sudden it wasnt RS just BM and now hes saying MC...he isnt even consistent in his lies.


i dont understand what tis guy's probalem is with me. I know for a fact that he knows he's making this stuff up. Hes completley inconsistent. He said MC on the bikerscout forum because MC is well known there..doesnt take a genius to figure that out.


hes also saying im banned or under review here and on Krayt clan, when in fact its him. Doesnt he know anyone can go check? Hes batsh*t crazy is right D!

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Well you can't produce evidence when there wasn't any to start with.



I dunno, if i was going to accuse someone of recasting i would be darn well sure i had proof to back it up, otherwise id just look like a fool.


and Jeff...that would be you, a fool

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The fact that this is still going on at all is pretty absurd. Lou does nothing but help this community and others and even asks very little in return, i.e. Ata ears for the price of shipping. Another example the countless people he helped make legion acceptable with his advice on their builds. The fact that he takes the time out from his real life to do such things should be a testament to his character alone. Jeff we all get it... Your mad bro! Thats fine but this is not the venue to be airing unsubstantiated grievances on. You can start a anti fan club if you will on a free web page or a no lou club house in your basement. Until further time as you can produce your" friends" evidence or have him come around with proof please just stop and grow up sir. It does not help your case to keep referring back to the same one sentence you keep using. Its like trying to define a word with the same word.

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I'm the DWM for a few detachments includiing BSN, so here you go:


No idea what got this started since Lou is a well respected 501st member. He is awesome and works with us all within various detachments. He's a stand up guy.


This "jeff" dude uses a free proxy service called "Proxy Free", thus attempting to hide. This is faked, but when he registered at BSN we captured:


Server location: Dallas in United States
ISP: SoftLayer Technologies


Uses an alias of "jeff16-bit" or  even "16-bitjeff", says from London, but most likely a toss to the English band "16-Bit" founded by Eddie Jefferies.





Bottom line: never backs up the statements, gets banned, then shows up on another detachment site. Wash, rinse, repeat. He's banned on all the sites I manage.

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Here's the list of ip's he used on KC, obviously some sort of vpn being used:

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