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  1. I wasn't worried so much about how much was glued to each side as I was in the 60mm difference in length in the description itself
  2. Ok, a quick question on the elastic across the bottom of the bells. It initially says that it is 270mm long, but when breaking it down it says 40mm of the 210 is glued to one side and 20mm to the other. Is the total length 270 with 60 glued down and 210 across the gap, or is the total length 210?
  3. If you are on a long haul, look for electrolyte packets to put in your water, but don't overdo it.. I work on an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico and prior to my cushy job on the bridge I worked 12 hour shifts on deck, even then on the hottest summer days ( the ones where you had to change clothes 3 times due to sweat drenching them) , i might use one electrolyte pack later in the afternoon.. If you don't have those, a small bottle of gatorade in conjunction with a whole lot of water .
  4. Oklahoma puts you in Star Garrison territory, If you haven't already contacted them and are on Facebook there is a group for new recruits that can help you get in contact with other people in the same boat as you a little more local http://www.facebook.com/groups/296336407050926/ Imperial Academy - Star Garrison Recruit Page
  5. 1. Diana has an amazing build thread on building a set for women http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/25919-dianas-rs-props-build-anh-stunt/ 2. if you are anticipating a lot of resizing, ready built is really not the way to go , you can get a reasonably priced helmet kit fairly quickly from ATAworks 3. where is local? once you mention that someone from your area will probably turn up pretty quickly
  6. Exciting.. my Hero 1.5 came in a few days before i headed offshore.. now I have a new build to watch until I get home and start mine
  7. I can't start a build thread quite yet as I head back offshore in a few days, but this is what arrived today from the UK.. build thread coming in june most likely
  8. Fiebling's deglazer is ethyl acetate and ethanol, some people use denatured alcohols instead
  9. Tim, are you on a work network or a mobile device?
  10. So the wife called to me from the front door and told me I had a package from Sweden I stopped what I was doing and immediately went to open it up ( after washing my hands, I was in the process of making beef jerky so hand washing was a must) and in the box was so i hurried up and unwrapped them And exposed the coolest coffee mugs on the planet Until i find them a new home,they are hanging out with the R2 measuring cup set waiting for tomorrow morning's coffee and tea.. Thanks to Maxim for posting about his amazing lady's work which led to this
  11. http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/26477-what-we-know-about-strapping-snaps-rivets-etc/ this thread has a lot of the measurements from the original suits, i used it to get the basic sizes to order my elastic
  12. bleh242

    Episode 7 cast

    this is also just the first release of names, so who knows who else is going to make an appearance
  13. bleh242

    Episode 7 cast

    Serkis and Max von Sydow are the two that have me most curious
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