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More accurate Sterling/E-11 paint finish

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Look at this image... no crinkle paint.




This shows the bumpy paint with the smooth parts.  Look at the magazine well

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So just to clarify for me Vern.

Movie accurate would be gloss black on the grip and flat black on all other parts with no weathering?

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Only the military issued Sterlings were flat black.. ''matt-finish''


All commercial sterlings are Wrinkled.


Any other country like chillie or New zealand did what they did. (sten gun finish)



That video you posted, i actually have a complete dvd.


The video is of DVD #77 wich is about magazines..


I have #1384 (pic's below) ''Sterling Submachine guns''


The one you posted is wrinkle finished..

But just becouse the Quallity of the video is so bad ... it doesn't show..

Here's a close up sample of the video you posted.. #77


Yes, that's a wrinkled finish allright..





Also he uses unpainted Sterlings in my video's for dissasembly purpose etc..


Some pic's you posted are worn wrinkled finish sterlings,


Other are indeed wrinkle...


There is no bumpty or wavy textured sterling l2a3 mk4 released (ever)

Most of the Sterlings pics you find on the internet are worn to there under finish, or even overpainted...

That's what you see...


Pic's from DvD #1384







Nice wrinkled finish







Yup that's how a wrinkled new looking finish looks like.







(1977 ANH) pic of han solo's blaster (wrinkled worn)

1966 sterling with worn wrinkled finish






here's another example of wich one might think (in your case) ''Bumpty Texture''






Looks kinda bumpty right ?


But when you look closer...






Here's a picture of a MKIII folding stock finish in NOS condition.. (no, apex wich i also bought off, doesn't cut it)




Also i think it's safe to say that this Promo shot is using a Wrinkled finish Sterling:

With typical worn signs on the butt stock, and sides of the magazine housing that show the parkerized finish under the wrinkled layer.




Most parts kits or whatever are so worn down... one might think ^^

I don't know about your source ... but mine is right.


I even ''today'' asked a person who has a MK III, ''wich he alway's thought of it being black matt etc..'' to remove his pistol grip... and after all these years he found out today that his MKIII with a very nice serial (if i must say) has a wrinkled finish underneath his untouched removed pistol grip.... ''he was much surprised, i might add'' .. ..( a TK member on this forum)







That's a MK3 ...


And this is how he looked upon it..''above the surface''





Didn't bring the book in this yet ... if you wish i might addBut this is based on the book, with users picture's provided.




i have no problems with your believing in it, it's your opinion...

But this is how i see it...

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I have only posted the wrinkled finish blaster as a ref to the magazine.  I think it's best to ignore crinkle paint on e-11.


sorry for the necro post.  believe me people, crinkle paint is not on the e-11.

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there are posts here that I do not agree with, they post photos, and they are incorrect.  please people don't just make a knee jerk reaction and paint the blaster with crinkle paint.


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