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Attaching lenses?


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There are a lot of ways to attach eyes, silicon, double sided tape, I glued small pieces of plastic next to the lenses, then screwed the lens to these, makes a nice tight fit. Side note if you leave a little gap it helps to stop your lenses fogging up.

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I glued mine in with hot glue. I wrapped some of it over the edge of teh lens material to hold it in place better. My display helmets I glue a headliner material around the edge of the lens to clean it up.




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I use the green lens from TrooperBay. It's just attached on one end via the helmet screws (FX bucket). My old lenses were just hot glued in. Never had a problem (other than trying to see out of them.




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I used hot glue too, the same way tray described above, but beware if you use too much in one place the heat from the glue could affect the plastic of the bucket, a friend used too much in one go and warped the plastic slightly!!

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