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  1. Ossum... can I order a few parts... you know what they are lol
  2. yep was the short barrelled version.
  3. Hi evan, welcome to the FISD im from just down the road a bit from you (Bridgwater) do you know about stars of time in july at weston helicopter museum ? Its mostly dr who but there will be a star wars prescence there , they have a page on face book if you're interested
  4. CFO has a facebook page if anyones interested -you can contact mark through there too
  5. The ESB E11's were L2A3's so use ANH plans... they have an M19 scope and some greeblies (circles on the rear right and "hammers" on the left) i think the hammers have been identified but i cant remember exaclty what they were, as for pipe i used 36mm waste pipe for my anh build which actually turned out to be about 37mm ( I think it was from B&Q) so might be worth measuring a few diferent types and see whats 38mm or closest to it (i think the sterlings were 38mm anyway ). Good luck with the build, look forward to seeing the pics as you go
  6. Dont get me wrong here im not slamming disney, at the end of the day its their property and if its not financially viable to them why keep pouring money into it?? it might turn out better for everyone.... as i tell people when they ask my opinion of the possible new movies "with disney involved it will either be totally awesome or totally terrible there will be no inbetween."
  7. It is possible as disney usually licenses out games development and i think it is their intention to do this with "wars" games it just depends on who takes the license.
  8. I heard this earlier but i was reluctant to believe until i got home to check, it and it seems to be true.... or its an internet wide april fools joke a day too late! it does seem that the house of mouse has closed down all game projects from Lucas arts and intends to ship all future projects to external developers - i know disney usually have outside developers work on games for them but i thought lucas arts may survive for at least a little while... oh well :( More info here: http://www.examiner.com/article/disney-closes-lucasarts-1
  9. I used hot glue too, the same way tray described above, but beware if you use too much in one place the heat from the glue could affect the plastic of the bucket, a friend used too much in one go and warped the plastic slightly!!
  10. it is FTP and a good laugh.... im on mostly at night as most of the guys im on with are in the U.S ( im U.K ) but you can add my heroes if you get on either sgtgh05ty or awesomeasaurus! ill be on one of them
  11. I play a lot of battlefield heroes but not part of a group or anything
  12. Cheers guys It was really nice pine and i thought it was a shame to paint over it, so i cleaned it up and stained it
  13. Ok i know we have a few gamers here so they will know that recently many of the FPS games have been offering "veteran" versions of weapons ingame. These mostly consist of different skins making them look more used and worn, so i thought why not a veterans style E11??? i was allready in the middle of a repaint and replacing the old scope so i went for it, what do you guys think?? Here it was before the work, very shiny, and i was never happy with the scope. here it is now, new scope, paintjob & moving trigger. Here it is with my nearly fifnished ROTJ E11.
  14. that beanie is awesome
  15. Cold white stuff that AT-AT's like to play in
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