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recaster on ebay.....anyone know him?


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Propsplus is at again on ebay selling recasts of my mic tips.... It would be nice to bombard him with messages of concern about his listing.... Feel free....... :salute:



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The dogs, I've got yours mate and have been heavily promoting them to all our newby recruits, so expect to see a few PM's coming your way.



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Maybe next time i go to PA i'll pay this guy a visit :P


This is messed up man. i cant believe he is STILL at it!  When i need a set for my display suit, i'll buy em direct from you. I'll also post up on the ECG forums NOT to buy from this guy.

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Thanks guys, I appreciate it.


Yeah, I've resided to the fact that unless I turn up on his doorstep and confront him face on nothing's going to change. He's not the only one on eBay that's recasting my stuff.

What are the other things??



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Looks like he's still in buisness!




Really sorry to say this Mark, but I bought a set of completed ones off this guy over a year ago :(, didnt realise he was a recaster at the time (I've only just become aware of this thread), the pictures on this listing seem different to yours (the HOVI text being in the "correct" place). I havn't got mine at hand at the moment but I'll take a look at them when I get home and see what he is acctually selling.

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