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Solcar23's Resin DoopyDoo's E-11 Build

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Thank you!

I just used the a realy small bit that comes in the dremel kit, like this:



and I used the Dremel on a low to medium setting, and was just REALLY careful...as for a torch, go buy a cheap kitchen torch. that is what I used...like this one, $10 at the store (about 6.30 UK Pounds):


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Wow what a great build thread, I am in the process of building a Doopydoos E11 and will be using all your hints and tips while doing mine.

The paint job looks great and im hoping I get mine to look as good as yours.

Awesome looking blaster you have built there, great job :th_AnimatedBravoSmiley:

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Well since I'm all finished with my armor I needed to finally correct my Hengstler hight and add my wires so here it is!


First, I found out that I had set my counter too high and it needed to sit just above the shoulder bracket arm:




Then I carefully drilled out the connectors on the Hengstler by hand and was able to insert some black coated wire from Home Depot. I coiled it around a pencil and then inserted them behind the range finder cylinders. I kind of like the messiness of the wires, kinda gives it more of a jumbled greeblie effect! I may upgrade it eventually :





And that's it! Finished E-11! Yay!!! :D

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Ya gotta hit it with a coat or two of clear flat paint to make it matte. If you look in the pics right after I painted it, it was really glossy, I then airbrushed two coats of clear flat and it toned it down perfectly. I did tape the handle so that part would stay glossy like a real one. Also gave a bit of contrast to the paint job. Good luck!

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I'm sorry I read your post too fast! Yes, that might work if it's a flat matte clear. I used Model Master clear flat enamel from the hobby shop in my airbrush, but I'm sure a spray can flat like that would work just as well.

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my only pet peeve here:


the hengstler, sight rail, T Tracks and grips should not have 'hammered' texture.


it's like Iron man all over again... hammer weapons engineering...


when I look at the counter box with texture, it just makes me grit my teeth!


the T Tracks, sight rail and counter should be masked off with tape when painting the hammered texture.


in the end, this texture, and the matte clear make the whole texture so washed out, it's like putting pudding all over the blaster.


looks too much like chocolate cake.


sorry to say!


the holster sure likes having a nice blaster in it.


my 2 credits!~


it is a nice job, but this texture treatment does not seem like a paintjob I'd produce.


I put the bumpy texture on my blasters by using putty, and I can control the texture and it's amount


by simply using that and flat black paint.


a little gloss, and a little matte clear and it's much more of a striking texture than the smooth waves I see in this paint.

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