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501st Trooper Status Requests (Include link to your 501st profile in your request!)

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3 hours ago, Commander Gree said:

501st Legion - Vader's Fist 


Please reinstate my access. 

According to your legion profile your TK has been retired, you would need to speak with your GCO or GML if you still have a TK costume. Hang tight on general 501st access, A.C. will be along soon

TK - Stormtrooper: ANH Stunt
TX - Swamp Trooper
SL - Darth Vader: ESB
TI - TIE Pilot: Original Trilogy
TR - Royal Guard: ROTS
TR - Senate Guard: ROTS
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14 hours ago, TK-0B1 said:

Requesting access... again... (I can't see the FISD in the elections pool)

You could also reach out to the election team as well elections@501st.com.


Also note you do have to log into these forums at least once a year ever year before elections start or detachment affiliation may be lost.



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5 minutes ago, Hollap1no said:


This is the link you need to add ;) 


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1 minute ago, TK 10738 said:

James , I’m logged in , please update my status to the detachment 

thank you 

Hey Team, can you help Dave out. I got him signed back in, and here is his profile link.



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