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Basic tools needed for armour building

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What a great thread as a newbie trooper just starting out this has helped me a lot with what tools I will need to get to start my build, thanks FISD you really are troopers helping troopers!

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This is a great thread. People seem really supportive. I hope I don't have to do any riveting with the Anovos kit I ordered, but this thread took a lot of fear out of my upcoming build. It's gonna be fun.

One guy who posted a blog on TK building said it's best to keep all your parts in the box and just take out one piece at a time and craft all components patiently first.


I'm the type of guy who wants to boil the whole ocean right away, but what a lot of these guys are saying is right; it's best to tailor your own with a kit. 

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Loctite will work just fine from the standpoint that the pieces will be joined solidly. The E6000 is so heavily favored as a recommendation for new/first time builders because it doesn't set as quickly, which allows you to make adjustments if a mistake is made, and does not allow you to "build downhill" and go faster than you likely should be building. From a "building" perspective, the loctite will be fine, just test fit everything a few times and practice the process of assembling it without the glue several times before you actually do it with the glue. Once it sets, it's set. ;)

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