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  1. This is the whole crux of my post. If you breakdown every single armor maker's method, the lines really begin to blur. Sometimes I just have to say to myself: "Just build, wear, and have fun." I need to concentrate on getting my gear ready for a troop at a Children's Hospital, and that's a HUGE reason for me to seek out any armor (Except Rubies and Jedirobe)
  2. Personally, I think the Anovos is very high-quality armor and I'm quite happy with it. I try to not get tied up in the politics too much, yet want to do the "right thing." If you buy the Anovos, you will most likely not regret it. That being said, as long as you're still on the fence, (and if you might want to spend just a little more), research the RS Props, and also "TM" (Troopermaster) armor. I'm still looking at both of those makers quite a bit and I know their stuff is awesome. I saw someone at a Comicon who said he had a TM and it was breathtaking. The helmets are maybe the best I've seen overall. But then, that's what some tell me about my Anovos.
  3. Thanks, that's a really good explanation. Now I'm dead-set on an RS.
  4. Second hand from someone who claimed to get it from an estate sale. The parts and box were full of dust. It's gonna be a Sandy for sure.
  5. RS props is where I'm gonna end up. I keep looking at TM as well, but RS Props will pull me in. having a "copy" makes me want an original even more. I'm sure I'll sell current gear and maybe a few of my Les Pauls to swing it. I'm dead set on building a Sandtrooper and finishing my Vader as well. Money, money, money.
  6. Yep, I'm pretty sure it is. It's definitely not ABS or PVC. I gave it a smell test by burning some scrap with a Dremel and it's definitely styrene. I just don't know if it's HIPS or not, kind of hoping its HIPS becasue any other styrene is going to be brittle overall. It looks a lot like this: http://chucrew.com/tk/tk.htm
  7. Here's what I have, but later I want to show how every single piece lines up perefctly as a match with Anovos. SO when I say "what have I got?" I'm wondering about both sets. It's clear that the pics posted below are recast, and I'm told from an RS Props suit. If it is an exact carbon copy to Anovos, then is ANovos a recast of RS Props? I don't know if I understand the recasting method and definitions, but I'm catching on. I understand there is an amount that is permissable and one that is shunned. The llnes begin to blur though, now that I have the Anovos. It all makes me want to save up for an actual RS Props or a TM, made with ABS.
  8. Dang it...took the pic out when I edited from my dang phone. I'll take some tonight. I'd like to show how it's a carbon copy (seemingly) of Anovos.
  9. Strap yourselves in and hold on to your hats because you're about to hear the story of a true idiot.<br> Before I came to FISD I bought a Rubies and thought it was pure dope. After a while some of the parts got severely damaged from first-time heat gun fixes and I bought spare parts from Jedirobe. In hindsight, doing that was like trying to clean ketchup off of my white shirt by using mustard. So now I have this sick, quasi-frankentrooper mess. I can't stand to even look at it after FISD removed the veil from my eyes and showed me the truth.<br><br> Hey, but that's not all folks; now it appears I have a recast that's thin styrene...long story that began with a litany. I was ignorant again. <br><br> Here's a condensed version of my query.<br><br> As I compared all parts to my Anovos parts they were completely identical? I haven't understood the Anovos lineage, but I find that these parts are a "carbon copy" of Anovos. It just confuses me.
  10. Well, that's why I ask "the masters" here, I'd prefer to move forward based on advice from your experiences. So far the best non-invasive technique may just be the white duct tape. I can see that working.
  11. I really love my Anovos armor a lot and I understand that the thickness isn't a huge concern, but I'd like this thing to last as long as possible. So I'm wondering if there is a safe way to begin reinforcing the thickness of all of it by maybe using 1.5mm adhesive backed foam sheets cut to geometry and placed inside? Does that sound goofy? Any ideas?
  12. Greetings. I'm redoing a helmet for someone and have everything I need except for the black trim that is used for the brow and the rim of the bucket. Could someone please tell me where I can buy that material and how to apply it? Thanks.
  13. My handler/wife would like an imperial officer uniform. I stay far away from JediRobe for just about everything else, but are their softer costumes also crap? I'm looking for direction in where to find her the best she can get. Thanks.
  14. Yes, thanks a lot. I do plan on switching all of the inner webbing to nylon strapping. NASA may have used velcro with the astronauts but the Stormies need straps and snaps. I have 35 made up and am going to be transitioning. I greatly appreciate the feedback.
  15. Can't find a login function for either the Midwest Garrison or the Wisconsin Garrison. I have no idea how to submit these. Although I wish it had been a better camera. How does it look? The armor is all Anovos. I replaced the belt and it has only two rivets now. Boots are Funtasma (Imperial Boots will be arriving soon) Blaster is a modified Rubies (ordering an HFX ELite E-11 soon) Handplates will soon be replaced with Trooperbay soft foam-type.
  16. I know, as well as anyone who will listen, that FISD is THE place, (other than the cool guys in the Garrison I want to join) to go to and find directions from the Masters.
  17. Yes, I'm trying to go all snaps and using plastic plates for the snap placement. I may use the nylon webbing for the placements under the shoulder straps, as I've seen it in one of the many tutorials. I'm a total noob with this and being extra cautious. Thanks a lot for the reply.
  18. Pictures are already coming in to the FB Anovos Stormtrooper Kit Building group with the snap plates being adhered with ABS paste, and since the material is a bit thin on these Anovos kits, the plates are poking through to the other side. I'm not risking it and plan to use E6000 for the snap plates placements. Will that work relatively well in lieu of the ABS paste/glue?
  19. I have a junk set of ROTJ style armor (yes, it's Rubies) and I cut the butt plate from the kidney plate to make it ANH. I know it's a super huge challenge but it's Winter here and my Anovos order went in late...probably won't see it until Spring. So, with all this time on my hands, I'm going for it. Not for the 501st, it's for a buddy of mine who wants some armor but is super broke and I want to give it to him once I make it to be the best it can be. He'll flip out and smile wide if I pull this off. Can anyone give me any advice from your own experience using a sealing iron to reform? Obviously, I want to just get rid of the formed ridges that make it ROTJ style. Thank you in advance. May the Force be with You.
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