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  1. What type of drivers are you using, do you have a picture of them, there is nothing wrong in the code as I have made 7 of these so far.
  2. The RGB will come on and stay on at bootup for about 3 seconds then go off, you must have something wrong with the wiring Steve. there are some drivers out their that have the same part numbers but are the opposite side for the wiring, that I had to find out.
  3. Hi Sly11 If you get stuck I can help you a little, have done about 7 of these and still have a few parts left over if you get stuck. Not sure if you had seen ours at DW15 From the Desert Scorpion Squad. Cheers Michael
  4. I have used plaster in one mold but it starts to crumble if you have to blow air in to release it plus the force pulling down when you vacuum will can crack it. I also use bondo on most of mine but you have to keep patching them up as it doesnt like the heat on it to many times. MDF is good as its porous and release's easy. If you can get one good pull, then use that and pour hydrostone in it for a longer lasting mold.
  5. Thought I would put this out there for other options ! http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__48658___Pre_order_Beta_Project_Sterling_AEG.html
  6. I like the play random TK voice's, Nice work I seem to get this error with the code ? e11_ver_04_02L_WT5001.ino:306:33: error: invalid suffix "cvf00" on integer constant
  7. I'm using the same sound module and it works great with your setup !!
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