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  1. A mega thumbs up to this build thread and keep up the good work
  2. hello every one I am back from a long break (due to lack of funds) so i am back on the grind to obtain my armor.
  3. i know this post is coming to you guys a little late but better late than never. yoda can you guess witch one is stormtrooperdad? theres me, cant wait to get my TK! Whats up? sf garrison cant wait to join. my brother posing with an ewak statue how dirty can you get? two great bounty hunters
  4. i took some pics of you guys ill be posting them up soon when i get the film devloped. and it was nice meeting you stromtrooperdad.
  5. Greet'ns and welcome to the FISD!! Have fun and snoop around the forum for any questions you have. You'll find that most of your questions well have more than likely have been answered.
  6. Greet'ns and welcome to the FISD! *This greeting was brought to you from sunny California*
  7. interesting, they didnt have the con i go to witch is the second largest in california FANIMECON.a con for anime like anime expo.
  8. Happy birthday! Benard i will shoot a jedi in your honnor!
  9. i was considering getting one of those shirts but now im more interested in that jim bean can you have there well actualy the contents of that can.
  10. i would love to have one myself.
  11. ohh man your one brave soul and you did great! i think all of us on the FISD salute to you on your courage and bravery. Keep up the good work!
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