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  1. I've been meaning to create my trooping log, I see that "past" events are fine but I'm wondering how far back we can (or should) go? I began trooping in 2007 and have many troops in my TK. I'm more than happy to start at whatever reasonable year you guys suggest though hahaha!
  2. What's your email and/or username? PM if you want, I'll get your access sorted out
  3. If you need any help or have specific questions let me know. I'd be happy to explain or assist in any way we can. You can see in the facebook album we made some belt modifications so it's a softer rubber lol. I also got her a regular FOTK helmet but KW has the Fem7 inspired one
  4. Sorry I missed this, yes I did an entire build thread on our local forums here: https://www.501stner.com/members/index.php?/topic/11392-fem-7-armor-build/ Kevin helped me with a few questions, he's great with communication and tips. You can join our forums and see my thread no problem, send me a PM if you need any help I have a photobucket album here too, which I used for the build thread, no descriptions but probably still helpful as a quick reference. https://s199.photobucket.com/user/bro117/library?page=1 And lastly my fun armor building page on facebook hahaha! https://www.facebook.com/pg/BrodustrialLightAndMagic/photos/?tab=album&album_id=257834478486620
  5. Sorry I just saw this, for some reason I wasn't getting notifications when things were posted here and I've been busy this summer catching up on a lot of things! I had an initial supply list in the beginning, if you still need something specific let me know I'll try and put it together
  6. Hey guys, We have a new member who unfortunately used ebay to source out a Scout bucket. To me it looks like some kind of recast Rubies, but I see he has other stuff - including TK armor - for sale, so I'm seeing if anyone here knows anything about it. My advice was to simply return it as he has in the listing a 14 day money back guarantee, but at the same time want to get informed so I can help steer away anyone else. You guys seen this stuff before? https://www.ebay.com/sch/buus783/m.html?item=253295230536&ul_noapp=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562 Thanks in advance!!
  7. Terry Browning 8869 letter size Andrew http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/33314-tk-8869-requesting-anh-stunt-eib-status-am20-537/page-2 http://www.whitearmor.net/eib/certificates/8869-eib.png
  8. Definitely many ways to make a TK and a lot of the time it also depends on the kit and/or sizing of the person but thanks, I have been using this method for a while now and have helped a bunch of guys in the NER finish their TKs
  9. Who did you hear from? Some of our members have been trying to reach them at the troopergear@gmail.com address with no response. I can't find it but I thought someone had mentioned something about them being tied to "tkarmor" (not the tkarmour with a "u")... hotmail address or something? Anyone with insight please share, thanks!!
  10. Great job man, glad to see it finished and ready for submission!!!
  11. This is a good idea, along with some tape to even hold it down some (that's what I've been doing). Another big factor in keeping them from splitting is taking them on and off carefully. Slide them on like a sock, slow and careful so there is very minimal push out, and take them off by separating the top first, then sort of puling them up and out as opposed to pulling them completely apart to remove your leg. If that makes sense
  12. That's it man, the chest / back at the shoulders looks great now
  13. If you check out my build thread I detail how I did my belt buttons on the first page, post #8 which is about a third of the way down the screen I think the notched belt serves a purpose in the level scheme but can't think of it off the top of my head. Like if you are doing Stunt vs Hero or ESB vs ANH/Jedi or something, lol, I'll see if I can remember and edit it in if I find it.
  14. Are those the only three pieces you got that look like that? If so it's possible you got two of the "un-notched" belt and no thigh ammo pack. Although they are very similar the thigh ammo is noticeably smaller. Here's a shot of our new guys kit I'm helping him with: Thigh ammo is on left (smallest one), two belts on middle and right. He gives you options on belts, if you do the belt with the recessed "notches" (my photo the one on far right) then you can use the detail parts that fit inside and have raised buttons (like Shea above my post). If you use the non-recessed belt (my photo middle one) then you can use the non-raised buttons - they come in a strip of three attached, you simply measure and cut them out. Check out this page on my build album (pg 22) http://s199.photobucket.com/user/bro117/library/TK%20Armor%20Build/Bro%20AM%202%200?sort=3&page=22
  15. If you can leave the return edge it's great because it makes the armor look thicker and cooler, lol, but most of us need to trim it because we're shorter then the armor is made for Obviously you can't trim the bottom because of the details so you have to end up trimming the top. That's fine and won't affect your approval. I usually end up cutting off most of the top and return edge on these builds. One thing you can do, is try to leave a little return edge on the outside bottom of each leg, like taper it down from the top and under (between the legs) so it's smaller but from the outside still maintains some of the illusion I'm not great with photo editing but sort of like this: You could cut off the red areas but possibly leave the stuff on the left in the photo, so when you are wearing it that is the part that sort of sticks out and will give an illusion it is thick
  16. For the ab plate you should be able to just trim it down a little more until you are about flush with the bump on the armor itself. Even after the initial cut on the buttom plate you can mark it down some more on each side. Here was a shot of mine, it looks like it's overhanging a little but it's basically flush: I'm actually helping another new member make his AM 2.0 TK right now, I'll be doing some work on it over the weekend. I'll get some photos of the plate in raw form, trimmed and how we fit it for you
  17. Awesome, I'll check for your registration and activate you ASAP
  18. Yes I would love to see it moved thanks! You could also edit the title to remove the "with questions" part, I couldn't figure out how to do that hahaha
  19. You can also use small squares of scrap abs as spacers if needed
  20. I do these more on my Garrison boards so some of the narrative might not make sense, I just try to copy over the big ones like this and my AM TK build for people here. Would it be okay to move this to the open area now? I remember at one point there was a post saying we could send them over if we wanted, I'd be okay with it myself.
  21. First Order Arsenal!!! 3D Printed F-11 and SE-44C Pistol on top Resin F-11 w/ stock and Rubber SE-44C Pistol Z6 Riot Control Baton * here's the update on that spray I meant to update but forgot ... Randy gave me some awesome clear spray that makes glossy finish matte, I used it on the rifle because it was too shiny and it came out great. Photos don't do it justice but here it is:
  22. Next up is finishing my Z6 Riot Control Baton. I got the V2 from Peter White, and used his video to build it Kit: Painting: Painting continued: Put tint on the inner clear box: Assembled the holster rig as per video - but found an easier way then using a second set of holes to get the screws in. I used my claw tool thingy and held the screw, fed it through the tube then out the hole where I got the nut on Holster rig cont: I'm going to be ambitious and make my first go at electronics (another thing I'm not well versed in). Drilled the hole from the batter pack area to where the tube will attach: Since I'll need access to change the batteries I used the screw on method as opposed to permanently attaching it: Used the black stickers for now but will probably paint them black when I'm done. I'd be finished but again, I ran out of glue hahahaha!!! More to come Finished the baton: Used a spring form a pen to make the button "functional" LED strip. instead of using the strip I used a bit of electrical tape on ech end. This way I can swap them out easier if I need to ,, ..
  23. Assembly went super smooth, painting not so much. We all know that is my weak spot lol. The flat black spray came out awesome, but I mistakenly used gloss white and that was not so good But I still like it! * ran out of glue, lol, all I have to do is attach the large stock but I might actually make it removable. I'll edit in finished photos later FINAL SHOTS: (did a couple of touch ups after this but you get the idea) ** Little too late for me but someone finally got a really great build for this on FISD hahaha! Could have made mine a tad bit better if I saw it first, but no worries: http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/37447-phoenix-props-f-11d-blitz-build/ (I actually got some clear spray stuff from another member that got rid of the gloss and made my bad paint job look really good, it was like magic hahaha!
  24. Sorry I never updated this stuff, lol, but here it was: *** F-11 Resin kit *** 1) Untrimmed parts 2) Basic fit assembly test after very easy and very minor trimming. All I had to do was use the cutting wheel on the dremel to snip off a few excess posts on a few of the parts, then the belt sander to smooth them out. Super easy.
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