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  1. Here's a quick question - what is the preferred size lengthwise of the TD? I've found a few different threads with a range, the tube that came with the kit looks like this (not glued this is just held on for pic) Do we need to trim it down a little or will it be fine as is? Thanks!
  2. That is exactly what I thought when I looked at it!! The people's eyebrow....
  3. Thanks! The screws are only a little more then hand tight because I wasn't happy with the way it was sitting, lol, so I can definitely do that. And yeah, the hot glue seeped out as I put it on and I noticed that. There is enough visor material for redo I figured I'd get the sit fixed first then go back and address that. What do you guys do to attach them besides hot glue then? I saw one thread where a guy made a stack of plastic to glue it (or screw it) on so you didn't have to actually try and lock it in on the eye holes. Or use a different glue? And we can trim the ears no problem, he's coming by Saturday to work on it I was off today so getting a little head start
  4. We ended up just gluing the shoulder bridges, they seem to be fine even though there is a little space in the front lol... Belt worked out fine with the rivets. New question: The bucket I just made on our second member's kit seems to have a little lopsidedness, like it's raising it's eyebrow lmao! I used the already supplied screw bumps and everything lined up okay. Is that natural for the helmet or do I need to glue it or am I missing something? Thanks!
  5. Any suggestions on the shoulder bridges? Thanks!
  6. Ahhhh that makes sense! I totally forgot those would be for the other ab plate, we're using the paint one thanks!
  7. No worries Joseph, feel free to throw in any questions you have here as well I won't feel hijacked and we'll help each other out! Another question just came up: We're using the hardware that came with the kit, I'm assuming for the belt we use the small, rounded screws with locknuts? We planned on using the flat covers as opposed to those stacked rounded ones, but the plastic doesn't make it flush to the belt? We're working for another hour or so then later tonight I'll do some independent research here, but if anyone has quick advice we appreciate it! Thanks!
  8. Hey guys, I've been helping two of our new recruits build their TKs. Both got the AM 2.0 kit. I made my first TK back in '06 as an old FX (I know I know hahaha). Over the years I made a few AM version one kits for guys but this is my first dealing with the 2.0 kit. I did a ton of research here with them on building this armor (and the new standards) and as we get closer to finishing we have a few questions. I figured I'd start this thread as a place to throw them up for tips 1) Shoulder bridges - where exactly are they supposed to sit on the 2.0 kits? The chest has that angle where it looks like they would be to sit evenly, and it's also thinner then the bridges. We shaved them down a little, but before we go any further anyone have some advice? Here is how they are lining up right now (unglued)
  9. What's up dude, our local NER guys will be watching this with you as well! As you know we have two other NJ guys building the AM 2.0 kits as we speak, so this will be great seeing a third join our ranks!
  10. Thanks again guys, just waiting on response from Echo
  11. lmao, I should have know to just ask you on our local boards hahaha! My bad for looking in the tutorial area and not the sale area, that is perfect man thanks!
  12. Hey guys, I've made a few TKs over the years but mostly back in the late 2000's before a lot of the updated standards and EIB / Centurion stuff I'm helping a few new recruits with their armor, and I spent about 5 hours browsing all the updated information here so I have a pretty good idea of proper standards, cuts, return edges, etc.... The only thing I can't seem to find is measurements for the "Cap rivets" and "split rivets" guys are using? I think I saw 7mm somewhere, but this is one of those items where you have such a variety I don't want to end up with the wrong ones. Meaning size of the circle, length of the post, color and so on. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks!
  13. Welcome Steve, glad to see you made your way here. Also feel free to come over and check out the local New Jersey 501st boards here: http://www.501stner.com/members/index.php?act=idx You don't have to have a suit, be a 501st member or have intentions for either to join... it's just more Star Wars costume building fun with local guys and gals
  14. Sorry for raising this from the dead, lol, but a question came up on our boards (for fun) and I totally remembered some discussion over here about what side to wear the holster so I did a quick search and here we are I basically chimed in on our boards pretty much what was already written here (can't believe my memory was that good). Reading back through this though, I figured I'd throw a few things out there. I'm left handed writing, but right side dominant for everything else - like shooting and kicking and punching. I also skateboard and surf regular (rightie) but realized I brush my teeth with my left hand and always put my left foot in pants first hahaha! I also think I wear my pants belt backwards compared to the rest of you (or righties)... I thread it from the right going into the left and thus circling around back to my right (if that makes sense). Some weird things going on there. Also, back on topic, has anyone ever considered the very simply answer as to which side the holster should be worn = whatever side you want to shoot from? I'm a police officer, and although we all wear the same uniform our gun is just worn on whatever side we shoot from thus some holsters are on the left and some on the right. I get that in the movie they probably had reasons like the layout of the E-11 and wanting to look uniform and consistent, but if we wanted to look at the reasons as if Star Wars was "real" then we could take the ROTJ Endor battle and simply say some are holding it the blaster with their right and others with their left simply because that is their dominant hand And not for nothing, we can't hit anything anyway so which way you're holding it or where the holster is ends up a moot point lmao
  15. Dude that looks fantastic! Logan loves the pictures, it's one of his favorite action figures hahaha
  16. lol, I'm from Dirty Jerzey, exit 100 = Jersey Shore baby! I live in Neptune, which is Central Jersey about 1 mile off the coast, and although the idiots from the "Jersey Shore" show actually trek up to my neighborhood bars on occassion, we are NOTHING like that (on the show they go to the Headliner, DJs and Connelly Station, which are all our local hang out spots and only club scene like once a week - the rest of the time it's just a normal bar). Neptune is about 10 miles north of Point Pleasant, and 15 miles north of Seaside Heights for reference. We're all surf and skate punks, laid back and enjoy rock and metal music. Of course bordering my town to the north is Asbury Park, which is unfortunately a very low income and extremely violent city full of Bloods and now Pagans (go figure that combination hahahaha). Still, it's an incredibly diverse area and I'll never move out, I absolutely love it here!! Anyways, Paul is an awesome dude and has an incredible Fett. He has mad building skills and his Clone is going to be sweet, I've already seen some progress on it. Glad you registered here dude
  17. dude that came out fantastic!! you gotta bring him down to troop with me and Logan, or we'll try to get up there one day. I am going to start on Logan's TK soon, gonna be my winter project, hope it comes out as good as yours hahahaha
  18. lol, had a blast at CV, sorry I didn't wear my TK but had to opt for the most compact as we took the train from Jersey so I brought my Shadow Scout. I only dressed up on Sat anyway, spent the other days havin' fun and being a fanboy. Also found this awesome set, it even said "501st Approved" on it hahahaha (was actually a member being funny) Oh, and Albin's first set of TK armor, that was very cool to see in person: Here's my other zillion photos if anyone wants to check 'em out: http://s199.photobucket.com/albums/aa207/bro117/CV/?start=0
  19. Lou and Tray, I'm sure we'll see you guys over the weekend but if you can make dinner that would be sweet! My cell is 848-469-0477, I don't mind posting it in open - anyone else who wants to hook up or if you ever need me jot it down And Tray, feel free to bring Adrianna Curry again, hahahaha (he got her to make an appearance at the Carida diner at Wizard World lol)
  20. What up Lou, I'll be seeing you there, Nicole and I are taking the Amtrak down Tuesday with an arrival Wed. morning. We'll be there until Monday. I'll have to pop onto the ECG and Carida boards to see who all is going from there. We're having an informal NER meet up / dinner on Wed night, you guys are more then welcome to hang. You to Tray, I see your mug enough but it's always a pleasure hahahaha. And for any FISD who I haven't met, I'll be there most likely with some Vader's Fist rocker shirts, so I'll be easy to spot
  21. Welcome dude, the ECG crew is top notch and have awesome troopers, you'll really enjoy it!! I try to troop with them (or get them to Dirty Jerzey hahaha) whenever I can, so I'm sure I'll meet up with ya eventually
  22. Yeah man, missed you there!! I'll always be a Dirty Jerzey boy, but I've had a great year troopin' with the ECG in the Big City... hit a TON of awesome events - Fox n Friends, Robot Chicken, Today Show, now this? Sweet
  23. The best part was the custom keepsakes they gave us, name plates and a medallion
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