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  1. It appears as if the FISD has gone above and beyond LFL. Sa-weeeeeeeeeet!
  2. Both of those are awesome finds, I'll try and look into those more. The vest is particularly interesting since it'll help cool down there core more which will in turn cool down the rest of you.
  3. Just out of curiosity, has anyone attempted to have their buckets liquid cooled? I'm familiar with the PC component side of this (haven't actually SEEN it though). How did the results turn out if you did? What set-backs did you run into? The reason I ask is because the cooling system could keep us cooler in a sense that you're not twirling already hot air in your lid around and around. Maybe we could get together, brainstorm ideas and potentially come up with a better cooling system that's also relatively cheap. Key word: Relatively. It probably won't be as cheap as a 10-15 dollar fan but I can tell you with living where I am (Puerto Rico) it's hot year-round and it would certainly be a boost.
  4. Phew! Good to hear haha. With the green lenses - that's a screen accurate thing for us all here. In the movies if you look at screen shots of the helmets or the actual helmets themselves, they either used flat green or bubble green lenses, and some used dark grey bubble lens. Similar to those of a welders mask. I'm not familiar on where to get the smoke/chrome lenses myself though, hopefully one of the other fellows here have some info on that.
  5. Don Post is the guy who was famous for making masks back in the days, did a lot of original stuff with latex. I hate to be the bearer of bad news here Dave, I hope you didn't put a pretty penny into this... I can't even tell you who did that helmet but it's a rip-off and looks nothing like what a stormtrooper helmet should look like. It should look exactly or very close to the 2nd picture you posted (only white not black). Sorry bud.
  6. Hold on to them for any future troopers you may talk into joining! Looking good so far Joe, glad to see all is coming along well at a pretty decent rate of speed
  7. Sharing's Caring, thanks Mike for making the vid! I've watched several of your 4510 videos out there and they're all quality work through the explanations and details.
  8. Hey Juan is it ABS that you need? If so I got some that you can chop off to help get that fixed.
  9. FINALLY got some time today to throw up some pictures. The fiancee has me doing honey-do's like there's no tomorrow. I'll happily do them though just so I can get this done haha. Well as I said, I was going to sand down the ears even more and I was going to open up the teeth too. In these pics I have pretty much taken out all of the trim as suggested and it of course made it pretty good. Check out the frontal view. However my concern is in the back of the ears. I think I know what the solution is, but just want to be sure before going forward. Does it looks to you like I need to curve the ear where the top of the tube meets even more? This picture basically represents both ears, it's about the same for both. The left one isn't quite as bad. I know I have a bit of trim area still left on there, no biggie I'm actually working on it right now. And boy - I had 2 screws holding the bucket together at first. I went out and bought me a pop-rivet gun and that just made things 5x better. For future plans also, in the kidney area - do people tend to use actual rivets there or is it okay to use those little brass things that hold paper together (painted white). I'm not even sure of their actual name I just saw them in Wal-Mart yesterday while I was there and they looked like they would be accurate.
  10. Newbie question time! ABS Paste - used to fill in gaps correct?
  11. I don't think I'll be buying the HD version myself. It's like watching movies such as IT, Top Gun, Silence of the Lambs, etc. in HD... Their grainy textures are what make them awesome. That and pulling out the good ol' VHS. Remember having to rewind videos people?!
  12. Any plans to put in integrated FX? That's pretty sweet lookin! Also, is that plain ol' ribbed pipe that you used on the barrel?
  13. Have you thought about tossing some talcum powder on your hand before putting it in the glove? Maybe with a bit of powder it'll help soak up the sweat from the rubber glove and it'll be a fairly cheap and long lasting fix.
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