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  1. Looks AWESOME man! Been a fun thread to follow, thanks! (I got to arrest Batman on Halloween, lol!)
  2. Just got my new set of 9's in... AWESOME! They fit great (very similar to my old-style TKBoots) and I'm LOVING the taller ankle on them.
  3. Well... Shipping to Canada took 2 months... But it did finally arrive, LOL!
  4. For belt creep use some velcro from belt to kidney plate. That's how I prevented belt sag when I have my holster and E-11 on. Thighs look good. I think the thigh that you have taped tighter is your left thigh. Either looks alright though man. Which feels better? They look a good distance from your shins too.
  5. I think it's like you say, the bells are just rotated towards the back a bit. Try and make them sit more forward and they will look just fine. I have long monkey arms too and even my AM biceps seem a bit short, but yours look good to me! They look low enough and as long as you're not sacrificing movement for the sake of looks it's just fine. Looking awesome man! Great progress!!!
  6. Whoo hoo! Nice progress dude! You're flying along! P.S. - My ATA is shipping within a week for a TD, I think if you do another, you should do a TD! I tossed around the idea of a clone (Ep III), but after learning that no actual armor was ever made for those troopers and that it was all just CGI... Well, that kinda spoiled the fun for me...
  7. No reason to be wary... Heck, I had a Corona in my hand the whole way through my build, LMAO!
  8. Awww... I like the whole "knee high hooker-trooper" look though!
  9. The Hovi's that come with ATA lids are accurate also. Not sure about T/MC or Trooperbay's.
  10. 25mm is what I used on the back of my shins (AM kit).
  11. Yes... I too detest the Vario Pliers. I ended up getting the proper setting tool for not very much $$$ at Tandy when I bought my last batch of snaps. It works awesome! I'm super curious to see and hear more about how the snaps work in the webbing.
  12. Looks like a cool "idealistic" lid, but far from being close to accurate on an original. WAY overpriced too.
  13. I was totally going to say something... but I just keep scrolling up to look at her br... I mean, wait... wut? *scrolls up*
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