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  1. A lot of us agreed that she does fantastic gaskets, but last I heard we were going to attempt to make our own to keep cost down. Im sure we'll have a chat about it at tomorrows meet-and-greet
  2. Delete scene showing Phasma killing other TKs, but more importantly, we found more screen time for the TLJ TKs!
  3. Ok, im going to be completely honest and straight with you here, but you have a lot of work to do. With good motivation, which Im sure you have, and help from us, we can get you approved. Take a deep breath. We'll start from the top and work our way down. Helmet Its hard to tell, but is this a black series helmet? Im not sure its approveable, Id have to have close up pictures. Shoulder Bells Your shoulder bells are flaring forward. You can really see this in your 3rd and 4th picture. These need to be pulled back so they're even. This suggest re positioning of the straps holding the bells Your left shoulder bell needs to be trimmed better. You can see the jagged and saw-like edge. Take a piece of tape (like blue painters tape) to create a smooth line, and cut along it. Biceps Looks like the Biceps need to be pulled up a bit higher, as they seem to be resting near the arm joint. They should fit comfortably where your biceps are. Your left Bicep cover strip (on the inside) needs to be trimmed. It should end at the end of the bicep, and not go past it. I highly recommend the Butt joint method. You take a cover strip on the inside as well as the outside, to provide a secure point of contact. in the 3rd photo, your left Bicep us upside down. Also looks like it needs a bit more trimming in the cut down part. Forearms Same butt joint method on the forearms. It looks like your right side forearm has a odd cover strip issue, if the cover strip is there. They need to be 15mm wide. Chest Plate Right side of the chest plate looks decently trimmed, but the left side needs a bit more Bottom of the plate, the curve should start to flare back out, instead of keep going down at a sharp angle. Shoulder Straps Shoulder straps should be free floating in the back, not glued down. You can technically get passed off with them glued, but I feel you need to raise the chest plate a little higher on your body, closer to your neck, which would require the end of the shoulder straps going farther back. If you can, Id recommend moving the front of the straps forward an inch or so (See your final picture) Back Plate (Upper back) Your back plate looks pretty good. You'd got a good connection with the Kidney plate below it (little to no gap) Kidney Plate (Middle back) Looks like your kidney plate is upside down, judging by your first picture. I like that you did the cut out notches, but they need to be on the bottom of the kidney plate, not the top. I think you just placed it upside down. Butt Plate (lower back) Looks like you might have trimmed too much off the bottom part of the butt plate (where it starts to go under and towards the crotch). You'd have to ask your local garrison if this is okay for basic approval AB Plate As others have mentioned, the paint is off. Good news, this is an easy fix. Trim looks a bit odd near the crotch. Id ask your local garrison if its approveable Belt Front of the belt looks pretty good (plastic part), though Id raise it a bit more and make it level. Bring it up the bottom of the larger button box. To keep mine level, I put 2 snaps on the AB plate, which you snap into the belt to keep it secure and level. Id highly recommend a thicker belt. It looks like yours is very thin, and having a hard time staying up. Make sure it stays level and doesn't bunch up (3rd photo) Thermal Detonator Hard to tell, but your Thermal Detonator (TD) is too long. Should be 7.5 inches in length with end caps on. The end caps and the attached control panel part remain white, but the cylinder they're placed on needs to be grey. TD is attached via 2 curved metal clips Holster Holster needs to be on your left side, not the right. Its hard to tell, but I think you might need to replace the holster, as it looks incorrect. Thigh Armor This will be difficult. The back looks to be trimmed too much at the bottom. Might be ok with your local garrison The small ammo belt on your right thigh might need to be trimmed more at the ends. After the last box on each side, you should have a curve cut out, whereas yours is very diagonal. Your left thigh should probably be replace. It looks like like you cut out a tab at the front similar to the back, and that shouldn't be there. Its possible to lay a piece of plastic behind it and fill the gap, but that would be difficult. I recommend getting new pieces to replace it. It looks like you made this cut out so the sniper plate below can travel in there? The sniper plate will stick out infront of the thigh. I think the cover strips are too large, should be 20mm front and back. Lower Leg Armor Lower legs look decent, the cuts in the gap might need a little work to have a clean look. Sniper plate is in the correct position. Hard to tell the width of the cover strips, front should be 20mm wide, the backs are 25mm. Boots Unfortunately, the boots need to be replaced, as they are not accurate. Also, remove the cuffs and holder for submission photos. Firstly, your best friend is the CRL for your stormtrooper. Not only does it have all the requirements on it (except width of cover strips for some reason), but it has pictures, excellent examples of what each part should look like. Im pretty sure you're doing the stunt version from A New Hope, and your CRL is here http://databank.501st.com/databank/Costuming:TK_anh_stunt Next, search this forum for build threads. Any that are sticky'd (or kept at the top), are most likely finished with plenty of photos and good info. As posted above Uswraths build thread is an excellent place to see how each part looks and is placed in the costume. What is the make of your armor? Are you able to purchase replacement parts? You might need to replace a few things, and worse case, you might have to use parts from a different make of armor. Have a specific problem, like the butt joint cover strip method? Search these glorious forums! Every question you have has been asked at least 3 times by other people Lastly, contact your local Garrison! Join their website (if you're still in Florida) - https://fl501st.com/ Find out when their next meet-and-greet. Make sure to go to it and ask questions from those other stormtroopers for help. See if there are any upcoming build parties, and if there are, take your armor there, they will help you finish it! Also, sign up as a spotter at one of their events. This is a fantastic way to not only help your future Garrison, but to get an in person look at accurate and already approved costumes. Notice the differences in what they wear and your armor.
  4. Is Anovos the only ABS version currently planned?
  5. Found on facebook by a fellow member of my local garrison http://www.tkusa.net/index.htm https://www.facebook.com/TKArmorUS/ Thoughts? AP recast?
  6. They've got until September 21st before they're behind their quoted deadline. Not likely, but there's a chance we could start to get them by then.
  7. Thats very similar to how I have to pick things up off the ground...
  8. Unless it stays low, I dont plan on bidding. Already have ATA, though Id like to get one I dont have to paint.
  9. Listed at ATA armor, though hard to tell http://www.ebay.com/itm/Stormtrooper-Armor-kit-501st-ready/231964228362?_trksid=p2047675.c100005.m1851&_trkparms=aid%3D222007%26algo%3DSIC.MBE%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D36892%26meid%3D815c9f1502a74b1483ec43b162a487da%26pid%3D100005%26rk%3D2%26rkt%3D6%26sd%3D222139895481
  10. I normally wear 11 myself, so I ordered the 11.5, length wise was spot on, but they got really narrow towards the tip, and are painful to walk around in. Now looking to see if I can find any 12's stateside. If you have wide toes, I'd grab the 12's. Worst case, you run thick socks or add inserts.
  11. TK-10097 requesting access. http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=19446
  12. When I got my boots last month, I found I had to send 2-3 emails for every one replied to. Like when I asked for payment received verification, it took a few emails before I got a reply. Also, received conflicting emails (as in "your boots were shipped yesterday", and then a day later "your boots are going out today"). However, the quality is fantastic, and despite the ok service, Im glad I ordered them. I ordered a 1/2 size up, and found them a bit narrow in the front, and glad I upsized. I look forward to all the trooping I'll get out of them
  13. Welcome! The ATA armor is pretty good, you'll like it.
  14. If so, you could always contact ATA and get replacement parts. I just got a new kidney plate from him a few weeks ago
  15. I've been having communication issues over the past 2 weeks with him as well, so you're not alone (yes, using the email above). I like to think that my boots have been shipped...
  16. Ammo boxes look very thin, but good enough to gain basic status. Is the right shin backwards?
  17. I just bought ATA recently (arrived a few days ago!). I had read both pros and cons, and found that the price was worth the quality. I own an AP helmet, which funny enough, the ABS is thinner than the HIPS of the ATA (though is probably more durable. Id like to reinforce the main pieces in the future, just incase. But if you do have an accident, you'd probably want it to happen in a "cheaper" armor, incase you need to replace a piece, pieces or the whole thing. Both rule as kits though..
  18. Anyone know if I can put down the decals and then spray a gloss coat over them? Or should I spray the gloss first and then put the decals on? The Gloss could put a nice layer of protection, but could messup the decals... Fixed the teeth and almost done with the chin, finishing ears too. Plan is to have everything built by Sunday night for a car show (matches the car ), then sanding at 1500 before a gloss coat.
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