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  1. Anyone know if I can put down the decals and then spray a gloss coat over them? Or should I spray the gloss first and then put the decals on? The Gloss could put a nice layer of protection, but could messup the decals... Fixed the teeth and almost done with the chin, finishing ears too. Plan is to have everything built by Sunday night for a car show (matches the car ), then sanding at 1500 before a gloss coat.
  2. Honestly, it was too pale for me, and seemed to have a slight grey tint to it. Even after polishing, I think it would have looked better had I painted it a bright white. It might not be as accurate as a real helmet, but I think it looks better (so far anyways).
  3. A good update. Waited a good week for the white paint to dry properly, and started hand painting the frown and chin. Not a fan of hand painting, too easy to make a mistake, and im prone to do so. Anyways, the pics. Fresh Paint Masked and painting Chin Now need to detail the teeth and fix the errors.. Chin is getting better Thanks for looking. As usual, please give me feedback, good or bad, on what I need to do.
  4. Very nice! Since I build car models, Im use to using 1000-2000 grit sandpapers. Ill be wetsanding with 1500 soon enough...
  5. Thanks! Was primed yesterday, and earlier today...
  6. Thanks guys. Theres not much I can do currently for the right ear, though in time id like to put plastic on the inside, then add putty to the outside to make it look better. I dont plan on painting the details except the interior/exterior and the teeth. I have some okay decals for the other stuff that should be good (supplied with the AP helmet).
  7. I had the same tab on my AP. Not sure why its there, but a little sanding the front edge and the rest is covered by the ear...
  8. Okay, trimmed some more, mostly off the eyes, drilled the 4/8 teeth, and added the mic tips, which was hard because the backside of the area was super thin...
  9. Okay, Ive raised the brow, through both measures said above. I only cut 3 teeth on each side because I was reading the EIB requirements, and not sure what I want to be (hero or shunt). New shots. This is about the best I can get with the ears, Ive spent hours trying to fix them. Thinking of painting soon. Ive heard and seen that people paint the inside of the bucket black. Any reason for this? Ill probably do it anyways...
  10. Thanks guys! Im pretty sure im doing ANH, or at least meeting those standards. The ears have been bugging me the whole time, and I think I might have trimmed a little too much on right side ear. Still working on them Also trying to raise the brow a little bit too
  11. Hi guys! Ive been here for a few months, and finally picked up my first bucket. Big thanks to Mark! Ive started the build, based off the pictures Ive found here. Heres what Ive done in the past 24 hours. And a cool pic I know I need to paint the screws white, better lenses, mesh, decals, paint and mic tips. Any thing else? Is it on track to be 501st acceptable? Thanks for looking!
  12. Yep, and in a few years we'll be seeing "We Have A Bad Feeling About This" (ROTJ)
  13. Im very sorry for your loss. I lost a friend in Afghanistan 2 months ago, a friend who I went to high school with only 3 years ago. Its hard when you dont get to say goodbye, but it helps knowing they went doing what they loved, protecting those they love. They are the ultimate heros. Best wishes to his family...
  14. How about this? http://news.yahoo.com/nphotos/Most-Viewed-...be417b10ff8453/ If not, go here: http://news.yahoo.com/photos and then click on the gallery with the stormtrooper in the background
  15. Cool seeing a StormTrooper rocking the presidents halloween party! http://news.yahoo.com/nphotos/first-lady-M...fec3b24076a5421 Page 22 is cool too!
  16. Heres the reason why I havent got armor yet!
  17. JTninja


    Yep, I try to stay only on here. But those who dont know might not.... Btw 2126, nice avatar
  18. JTninja


    Found this on ebay today.... http://cgi.ebay.com/STAR-WARS-FULL-STORMTR...=item518b0463cd Now I have very limited experiance in knowing what type of armor is which, but im not sure about these. Possible recast or Rubies? They continously mention the 501st. This might be bad for people looking to become members, weither lurking or on this forum, as they might read 501st and think this is the armor that would gain them entry. Just posting this up as a warning, and will gladly take down this message if my accusations are indeed false...
  19. X2. Came close to buying some armor from him back in Auguest, when his sets were selling for $250+ shipping. Now im looking at buying an FX set from Deckard, heards lots of good things about him. Money's hard to come by though...
  20. Give me your armor Thanks for the welcome guys!
  21. Its seems to be. I searched FX armor on ebay for the past month, and the same guy seems to be selling a set every few days, around $200-300, plus expensive shipping. If id go with it, id get another helmet, aparently FX is huge
  22. Thanks guys, im working on getting a suit. Please excuse my lack of knowledge, but what is so bad about the recast, other than not being accurate? It seems like a cheap alturnative, and if modified, could possibly turn out decent. I see an FX unassembled kit going on ebay for around $220 plus shipping, and was wondering is worked on, it would be 501st material. Lots of sanding and trimming would be involved (I have grits 40-2000 lol), and painting, but would it be decent enough? Thanks for your help guys! Ive spent the past 5 hours looking though this site and my local garrisons! JT
  23. Would a slightly modded version of this be allowed in the 501st? Ive been looking at the FX lite kit, which seems to be the best cheap set of armor around. But from there, Id still need to work on it, and get a helmet. If I went with this FX, then when I got a better helmet, id give this one to my brother. Id modify it so it would be mostly snap, sanded down and polished. It seems like something with a bit of work, can turn out really good.
  24. Hi guys, my names JT! Im new here, and new to the whole scene. Im defiently not a huge fan of the series as most, but Ive been a fan of the movies since I first saw them when I was young. Ive always dug the storm troopers, and most of the Imperial army. When I got in an accident with my first car, I looked for a newer one, very similar to the first, and found another one, maintained with a Storm Trooper theme. I had seen the car on another car forum, and idolized it, so naturally, I bought the car Ive continued to maintain the Storm Trooper theme, and will keep doing so. A few months ago I found out about the 501st, and my interest in Storm Troopers have increased. The mission statement is wonderful, and reminded me much of my works mission statement (In-N-Out). I was very surprised to learn the level of participation the legion does with carity programs. I think its great that such a large group of people can come together, to share their passion with the world, while helping those in need. I somewhat know how to get started. I know that I need a costume of high accuracy, and have read that the market sold ones are not allowed. Im assuming that includes the deluxe kit found ebay? Ive heard both good and bad things about the FX armor, and see if often on ebay. I know theres guides out there to make them, but Im bad enough at building plastic car models Being a College student, I dont have much to spend, though Id like to go as high as $600 (I know, not much I can get at that price!). Any help or recommendations would be great! Ive just registered with my local garrison, so hopefully I can be trooping soon! Thanks everyone for reading! JT
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