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  1. I've been having trouble with my kidney plate, and while I was lining it up for my straps, I noticed that it is not the same on both sides. I have it lined up in the center rectangular area with the butt plate here, and this is the right side. The kidney plate is on the right side of the photo. It does not stick out like this on the left side, only the right. Do I trim this off so that the two sides are equal?
  2. While lining things up, I noticed the right side of the kidney plate is bigger than the left. When I line up the central rectangular area of the butt and kidney plates, the right side of the kidney is about .5" bigger than the left. It's not like this on the other side, on the other side it lines up perfect. Should I trim this off so that it's even? Edit: Maybe the picture isn't clear, on this image the left side of this picture is the butt plate, the right side is the kidney plate.
  3. I did not know that! It's not in the CRL for Sandtroopers, but I will add it after I get the strapping set.
  4. I forgot to mention I'm making a Sandtrooper, so they don't have the notch at the bottom of the kidney plate. I'll go ahead and build the strapping now, and then see how it fits and trim from there.
  5. I've been having some trouble with my kidney plate. In my previous thread, I thought it was upside down but it wasn't. Now it sticks out too far. Here's what I have: When I push the belly plate forward, so the chest plate sits perfectly, I have a huge gap in the back as you can see above. When I balance it out, putting the ab and kidney plates equally spaced the plate still sticks out quite a bit compared to the back plate. And when I push the kidney plate flush with my back, it makes the chest stick out something awful. Do I need to trim the kidney plate down so it fits more snug on my body, something like this? Obviously, not trim that much off, but it would bring the gap down. Is that the right thing to do or is there another solution?
  6. Okay so I got it right the first time then. Now I'm figuring out how to line up the back and kidney, but I'll make that another post.<br><br> Thanks for the help!
  7. Okay I'll upload pictures of the kidney with butt plate. This is the view as a currently have it. And this is the view when I flip it over: Does that help? I have no idea which way is correct now. Would an interior picture help?
  8. I am having a lot of trouble with my back and kidney piece, so I'm breaking it down into smaller problems. I think I may have put the kidney in upside down. Here's how it is right now. And here it is when I flip the kidney piece over: Which way is correct?
  9. Here's how I fixed the arms: The shoulders still need to be a bit closer, I took off some of the return edge to bring them closer. I fear I may have trimmed too much off the sides when I first trimmed them. At least one will be covered with a pauldron, and the other with a pouch so it's hopefully not a huge deal.
  10. Thanks, that was really helpful. I'm going to put the bells closer to the strap, lower the bicep, and raise the forearm.
  11. Here's what I have so far. I'm building a sandtrooper. I'm wondering about the shoulders and the gap between the bicep/forearm. Are they too far apart?
  12. Right, I was using ABS plates but switched to nylon instead for the reasons you stated. What I'm wondering is the straps themselves, the female snap end. Are they made of nylon or elastic? I know the arms use elastic straps, because you need the flex, but does it matter for the chest/back area?
  13. Is the internal strapping system in the chest/back made of webbing or elastic? I know the arms are elastic and the thighs are webbing, but I have seen conflicting answers on what to use for the chest/back.
  14. The owner emailed me back, and suggested I get the 11. I think I'll be fine as I'm on the small end of a 10.5.
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