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  1. Bump. Anyone? Pretty please?
  2. Please help! Anychance someone who saved these pictures originally can repost them for me please? I seem to of lost the pictures I saved back then.<br><br> Thank you so much
  3. i have a TM kit brand new in the box minus helmet if your interested. I could pair it with one of my other helmets if you want a complete kit... I'm in Australia too
  4. It's still fixable.. Just trim the excess off from the ends of the belt, then re-do the corners. It would be fine. Heck it could be worse! I just assembled my entire belt (riveted holster, plastic belt, drop boxes) and added original Newey England snaps to it... only to find out the "original sized" RS canvas belt I bought is 3" too SHORT!! The velcro won't even overlap when the ab, and kidney are lined up back to back. Really pinged off about this...
  5. Judging from this picture I wouldn't say you've made the thighs too thin. Even if the strips are only 20mm (IIRC I believe the RS thighs' as being 20-22mm strips on the left, and 23-24mm on the right). You actually have quite a bit extra at the back of the thighs than what Siman's original suit has. You can tell by the way the pieces are curved before joining together. I looked at the pictures provided by RS in their thigh build over, and over, when it came time to do mine. As the guys had said, the thighs are quite thin on the original.
  6. Hi Wayne, I picked up the red primer for the HDPE/PP helmets today. I haven't had a chance to take a pic and upload it, but the brand is "white knight". Look for "Rust Guard primer - Red Oxide" at mitre 10, or bunnings. It's quite a common Aussie brand paint so almost everywhere should stock it. It was fairly cheap too, only $13 which was good. I thought I remembered it being more expensive. Good to be wrong.
  7. That looks A LOT better. One thing that really gets me is the brow trim on the RS props helmets. Is that the actual trim size and shape? I mean it looks too big and bulky when comparing it to originals.
  8. I had a scout about for the correct red primer a couple of weeks back. It can be bought from your local mitre 10. I think its pretty expensive at $18 -$20 for a rattle can. But it is the correct stuff. If you're not quite sure what to look for, I can get you a picture when I get a chance to pick some up. As for the white, "appliance white" is a good choice if you want that off-white tint to it. It'll probly match your armour too.
  9. I'd cut off the nub from the inside. Drilling a rivet out of plastic is risky. It's quite easy to melt a rivet sized hole, due to the friction.
  10. Vecspeed, that faceplate is spectacular!
  11. Thats fantastic mate. Now just put a big crack in that right tube on your helmet and you are good to go!
  12. It is listed on their site as being 45mm. Well as far as what's supplied with their strapping kit anyhow.
  13. As I said on FB - bloody awesome! I'm truely thankful for the effort you guys put into this
  14. Great build by the way! Looking forward to seeing your Green helmet when you get it in hand
  15. Apologies. I was under the impression the question was referring to what parts were missing as far as a true 'complete' stormtrooper goes. By that I mean 'as made for the film'. Some of the actual formed pieces on Si's suit are doubles of the same part. IE the suit has two right arms. NOT a left and right as was made for the film. Furthermore the lower legs are both identical. Both are made from 2 left outter shin sections, and two right outter sections. The suit is cobled together to make what you may call a 'complete' stormtrooper (Heck they were seen on screen like this, all mashed together probably..). But for me, I'm different when it comes to that conclusion. Siman's suit has a TD. I don't know whether or not they cast it since its all glued together. I've not really looked hard at the one that came with my kit. It does look nice however. I thought it was pretty common knowledge that the suit had doubled up parts..? It's been mentioned in numerous threads regarding the RS suit.
  16. Top = Right bicep, outter and inner. Left bicep, inner and outter. Bottom = Left arm, outter and inner. Right arm, inner and outter. The inner and outter sections are paired up correctly, just you have the forearms matchet to the wrong biceps. Not sure if that is what you were asking?
  17. As far as I know, the RS suit was missing the left bicep, left forearm, L/R inner shins, Shoulder straps, ab detail plates, and knee plate. However looking at a TM suit side by side with the RS, its clear they used Paul's shoulder straps, knee plate, thigh ammo belt, and ab plates. There may be more but I don't know. I'm not sure about the newer looking left bicep and forearm that comes with their suits either. I think I read it was scratch built (don't quote me on that.) I have a very vague memory. I don't understand why they copied TM's old thigh ammo plate, as the little boxes are quite undersized when compared to the original on the RS thigh. I want to source a more accurately sized one for my suit.
  18. I'd be interested in some more shots of the stormtrooper's boots if at all possible. Particularly some good shots of the heel on the soul of the boots. I'd like to know if they are layered, or a single moulded piece. Cheers
  19. I don't mean to be critical, as I really love this idea... But either the chest plate is oversized, or the abdomen plate is undersized. It just looks a bit 'off'. Looking at your thigh piece, and shoulder bells. They are pretty much bang on to scale with the chest plate. But the ab plate looks small..
  20. Hey mate welcome to FISD. I just sent you a PM about a TM set I've decided to sell.
  21. BTW my comments were directed towards the NEW anh suit and NOT the CFO stuff, which I have no opinion on. Simon has a perfect opportunity here, I pray he will take full advantage of its capabillities. Either way, we can't get too hyped up before we see a shred of anything. I guess we'll just wait and see..
  22. I'm looking forward to seeing what they can come up with. However the comment about it being cast from the outside has me worried. Is this factual? Where did you get this information? I think it would be pretty crazy to put all the effort into making moulds, yet make them from the outside. I hope this isn't correct. Cheers
  23. I wouldn't believe TE at all. Don't you find it a bit funny he just jumps right in when he thinks he can get a buck out of it? He's a waste of space. Thats not to say I disagree with you on the origins of this helmet. I just don't believe TE was 'directly' involved. Otherwise that is one hell of a casting mate. I do think you're crazy to be painting it though.. but each to their own I guess.
  24. Its a nice replica for sure Gino! I'm not trying to have a go or anything.. Just a little constructive criticism. Like you I want to see a perfect replica. The bumps under the eyes are a relatively new feature and imo throw the look off. I've not seen this on any original, all of them seem to have very pronounced eyes, maybe not sharp, but still noticably deep. The v2's don't have them either. And they come from unaltered moulds from the inside of the brian r helmet. So I take it the original didn't have them. This, and the raised tube crease lines, were on the TE HDPE version aswell. TE even put vac holes in those areas to get it to suck down (it didn't work)I guess its just a difference in the forming process.. or the modern HDPE is slightly different? I really love this new replica, I'd really love to own one. I just hope the "eye wrinkle" issue can be solved. Then WOW! kudos
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