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  1. How much are they? They look great but I'm sure everyone is curious...
  2. Happy Thanksgiving Troops! Hope everyone has a great Holiday...I am thankful for friends, family, and ABS glue!
  3. here's a pic from Halloween. Noe neck seal... I know, I know. Also don't notice the black tape holding the shins together. Now you can understand why I want to build MY suit.
  4. Sorry to be so tardy on my replies but....you know life got in the way. A fellows got to work. Any way I put these pix up at the request of some of you guys and mostly just was looking for input from the community about how to make it more accurate. This is an early fan-sculpt of armor from around '94-'95 and way back then there wasn't nearly the resources for reference, such as this website, and we did the best we could. I know that it is unusual, but I think that with some work could be made into a really nice suit. I'm gonna do all the work myself and I finally (10+ years and a wife and children later!) am moving forward. I wore a friends build-up of the same armor for Halloween this year and had a blast, so I thought it was time for me to bite the bullet and build mine....or, and here's the big question for me, should I just buy a newer suit? I'm already buying a helmet (don't tell my wife ) and am kinda new and uncertain about what is what. I've been researching all the suits and reading past posts for info so I am forming my opinion about what suit I like if I purchase one but.....still not sure I should give up on this one. Is it possible to buy individual pieces from a maker? You guys rock and have really helped me out. Again any feedback is welcome! I think I am gonna make my blaster myself too....PVC anyone?
  5. Hey Troops! So here are the pix I just took of my "Mystery Armor"....Stupid name because it's not really a mystery. It took some doing but I got it out of storage and shot a few pix and hope you guys enjoy them. Let me know any input as to what I should change or do to make it up to snuff. The belly plates were separate pieces that I never was given but the rest is complete I believe. I also have a bunch of shoulder bells and an extra belt if I screw one up. Any comments/suggestions would be welcomed!
  6. Copy that! I will try to get them up as soon as I can...Where should I post them so you guys can know what they are? Uggh...Feel so stupid asking those kind of questions. I'll title it "Mystery Armor". Keep an eye out, I'll get them up soon.
  7. They are in storage right now, but this weekend I'll try to take some and throw those up on here too. My friend who sculpted the armor bucks did not work for Lucas at all but somehow they contacted him for copies. I think, if I remember correctly, he had worn it to a local (Hollywood) costume party and someone saw it. So much time had passed since ROTJ that the other suits were all trashed or something and it was easier to use his than to make more? Now this is all hearsay and from my memory of events so I don't want to say anything is definite, but it is all interesting nontheless. I'm trying to remember when I got my suit and helmet and I'm pretty sure it was'96-'97. We were making all this in our spare time and it took some time to produce them all. I think we made five suits and I have no Idea how many were made for the ad campaign or when.
  8. I'm really glad you guys are all chiming in on this. I was hoping you would know a little more than me but I wasn't expecting to hear so much. It's beginning to light that creative fire. You know what, now I'm wondering about my suit too. I still have it on it's original sheets untrimmed. It was sculpted by my friend and he pulled a bunch of these suits that were used by (I think) Lucasfilms for a Burger King or Taco Bell ad campaign, way back when they were first re-issuing the original three films. Can you say snowball?
  9. Please forgive my ignorance, as I said I'm kinda new to all of this, but what does "cast from TE's original" refer to? Is TE a maker or brand?
  10. Thank you guys! I've had the helmet for 13 years and know more about it now than I ever have. I'm not sure whether or not it is an original prop, but it's cool to me nonetheless. I think I'm gonna finish it up and use it for my suit.
  11. This thing is pretty wonky. I figured the assymetry was from the original vac-form. Do you think this is a type1 or type2? Thanks for responding, I've wondered about this thing for years.
  12. I'm intrigued.....how do you know what it is?
  13. I was given the helmet for helping a friend with his suit. Supposedly the molds are from an original ROTJ Hero, but I'm not really sure what was molded. At the time I just thought it was cool so I took him up on his offer! Now that I'm starting my suit I am wondering if I shouldn't purchase a ATA helmet or something and keep this as a display piece.
  14. Here's the front-on view that wouldn't load before - sorry kinda new to this!
  15. I am not sure what I have here. I know what it is supposed to be. I know what I was told it is but I thought that you guys and gals might be able to clarify it for me. Here it is: [IMG]http://i784.photobucket.com/albums/yy126/dumspiro/IMG_0135.jpg[/img] Thanks for the help! Whatever it is I think it's my new helmet!
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