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  1. Please don't buy into the "I got the moulds in a trade" bullshucks. Someone has tried to disguise where they come from when they were created. Someone has form for doing this time and time again and someone has been very quiet on this subject.
  2. Where did the moulds originate please? Saying moulds were obtained in a trade is not an excuse to make FROM them, it's the excuse that you CEATED them. So, he got moulds and then needed to sharpen things up, why? Unless he was trying to hide the origins of the piece. I would never use a mould made by someone else without knowing the full history of it, my reputation is worth more to me. This STINKS.
  3. Any idea what plastic or vinyl it is you are trying to paint? It's still tacky, does it come off? A photo may help me understand what you are working with maybe? Right now I am thinking maybe something like this is what you may need. http://angelusdirect.com/collections/paint
  4. Dremel is a reliable rotary tool, I would always buy the model with a flexible shaft attachment included myself.
  5. Looks like your bells have enough trimmed out, how tight is the elastic around the bicep, I tend to make them so it's just starting to pull with the bell off the bicep, so it stretches over the bicep when in place. if you don't want to remove the elastic, you could fold it over, maybe an inch and glue it down again, this was done on Simon's original suit also, on set adjustment maybe. Rob.
  6. Hey bro, be careful cutting the screws when fitted to the helmet, especially with a rotary tool, they may heat up and melt the plastic. I would try and get the correct size, but if you have to cut them down mark the length required, screw a nut past the cut point, cut the bolt, tidy the burr/cut end and then unscrew the nut which will make putting the nut back on easier. Rob.
  7. I wanted to check out if it was a re-caster, both suits being in Norwich, but the lack of evidence that this guy even has a suit stopped my paying and I realised he is just scamming unsuspecting guys who don't have the budget for one of our suits. This just sucks. In the messages that followed it was clear he knows exactly what he is up to.
  8. Hi Guys So I was informed the other day that one of our suits, allegedly built and supplied by me was being offered on ebay for £400, when I looked it had sold/ended. I have now seen another suit, located in the same area, Norwich offered under the same deal, which got me suspicious. So I checked it out. At this point in time it appears to be some kind of scam rather than a recaster, as they are using images, one of myself in armour in the first listing, maybe you guys can identify the other images? I hope that the buyer of the first suit does receive it, but I think it is looking doubtful based on the feedback and dates the seller has joined eBay. The account names are clubtropicana2014 and harrisonforgeprops, but I suspect a new name will be used for future listings. I have bought/ended the second listing. The seller has claimed it is actually located in Germany and he has not updated his brand new account? Yeah, sounds right. He also got real push and as the suit is in Germany we could not collect. Please be aware that any listing on eBay has no connection to me or RS Prop Masters, I will never sell any item on eBay, from years gone by I know to well that the boards are the place to get the level of costume required for the 501st. I guess if it looks too good to be true......but I hate the idea they are using our name to attempt to rip Troopers off. Rob Image resized to 56% of its original size [887 x 498] Image resized to 56% of its original size [887 x 498] Image resized to 56% of its original size [887 x 498] Image resized to 56% of its original size [887 x 498]
  9. They are 1.5mm. As Stephen said, once built they are very sturdy, this plastic is unlike Abs and hips. Rob.
  10. Great comparison shot, it makes a huge difference.
  11. Stephen, looks great. I built one today and it is really nice to work with as you say. As the plastic is that more supple it seems to work with you in ways abs just wont. So the shape is not as cast in and more easily manipulated together. I am pretty pleased with the results for sure
  12. Wayne, sorry for hijacking the thread bro to make up for it I have popped a box in the mail today, something something green thing....... Rob.
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