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  1. TK4999 requesting status. Link to 501st member record: http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=7078 Thanks!
  2. If anyone would like a high res copy of these pics, PM me with your email address.
  3. And if you wondered how FISD looked so good in those pics, here is a shot of how Daetrin did it: And here is another shot of Daetrin commanding his troops: For more shots of the photo event, go here: http://s1010.photobu.../FISD%20Photos/ This was an awesome gathering of white armor from around the country and around the world! Thanks to everyone for showing up and looking good!
  4. Sorry for the delay, but finally after the long wait, here are the official FISD photos from CV in Orlando. First, buckets on: Next, buckets off:
  5. I always recommend gel sole inserts. It is amazing how much longer you can troop with those things. I even wear 'em in my Vader boots!
  6. Welcome back, Carlos! One a brother, always a brother! Steve
  7. I posted this on the Legion boards, but wanted to post it here as well for my FISD brothers. A fellow member, Scott Magerfleisch of the Mountain Garrison, was personally responsible for ensuring that I was able to return home on schedule from CV earlier this week. The story goes something like this: I had arrived at the airport for my return flight and as I was preparing to enter the line to check in I realized that I HAD NO WALLET! That means no ID. That means no boarding the flight until I can obtain a copy of my birth certificate or a passport, both of which were at home. A quick call to the restaurant where I ate breakfast came up with nothing. Then I called Scott to see if he was still at the hotel. He was, and he convinced the manager to let him into my room to search for my wallet. However, it wasn't there. Then the driver of the taxi called the hotel to say that he had my wallet and was bringing it back to the hotel. I asked Scott if he was willing to head to the airport early to bring me my wallet. He had a ride booked later with Mears but would have to write off that ticket and take a taxi to make it in time. He agreed. I checked with the airport to find out that I had until 1pm to change my flight or lose my airfare. It was 12:40. At 12:52, Scott called to tell me that they just passed the 5 mile marker to the airport. When he arrived at the airport he convinced the taxi driver to watch his stuff on the "A" side while he literally RAN to the "B" side where I was already queued at the front of the check-in line. At 12:59 I heard Scott shout "STEVE" as he looks for me to hand me my wallet. At 1:00 I checked my bags. At 1:50 my plane backed away from the gate with me on board. THANK YOU SCOTT! Now I really know what the FISD tag-line really means: "Troopers helping Troopers"
  8. Jeremy, We are always glad to have folks join us at our troops. You can see our events on the Central Garrison boards, so sign up there! You can also get a chance to see the armor up close and personal. Welcome to the world of white armor.
  9. This should not be a problem. We are planning to have all the teams finished running the course by 12:30. The medal awards ceremony will take place immediately following the competition. So all competitors will have plenty of time to grab a bite to eat and a quick drink before joining you for this skit. So I encourage ALL Troop-Athlon contestants to join you in this one. TKs always look more impressive in numbers. I can't make it, however, since I have to help break down the event afterward...
  10. I'll be there to make sure our esteemed leader plays fair in the Troop-Athlon. All FISDers should show up to cheer him on. Friday at 11am. Be there!
  11. Oh, there were people there, all right! I was "handling" Vader and it got scary at times. These pics were taken just before the doors opened and as the first people were walking in.
  12. Yeah he was pretty much doing the same thing in St Paul.
  13. ... or a trooper who did a full body slide after slipping on the concrete floor while playing Laser Tag at C-IV...
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