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  1. Hahahahahah. The stamp though. I’m dying here. That’s great.
  2. “Don’t buy armor from eBay they said.” This guy wants 120$ for this “helmet”, do you think it can be approved? Lol
  3. You getting it? I have an Anovos plastic TLJ FO TK that matches this but it has two dimples above the teeth and below the eyes. I’d like to see how the quality of the Black series will be in comparison. I have the Captain Cardinal. And that one is really nice too.
  4. The best part is yet to come. Ukswrath is quality kit. Also, I use Tapatalk to list the forums I’m on and upload pictures directly through the app. Still a little wonky now and then but a little easier than a host site. At least for me.
  5. Christopher’s stuff is unreal... I’m seriously considering saving the money for the 1699.00 version. Closest I’ll ever get to a real sterling in the US. That’s what I’m saying about wishing all the old prop makers were still around. I heard Hyperfirm was the best until they closed. Praetorian was right there with them. Some even speculate that they were some of the people from hyperfirm. But they’re having issues with deliveries. I heard Shear tech is fantastic too but the owner has been down and out with some health issues. Doopy doo has been out of stock for forever. Not really sure whe
  6. I meant no disrespect. I’m just really nervous when it comes to buying “accurate” stuff. Everyone seems to claim it’s accurate and sometimes you think so too, till you really get a good look at. That’s across the board for anything replicated from Star Wars, it seems. I’ve been burned a few times myself. It looked good right up until it’s in your hands and then it isn’t even what was advertised. I think the E11 seems to be one of the things that I see done wrong most. And to me, it’s such a huge part of the history. It would be such a shame to spend a lot of money for something that you’re e
  7. Yeah Tony, about two weeks ago. They’re working out of a different shop for the time being. They’re hoping to be back on track in a few weeks. Not sure how long that means mine will take. I have a Tusken I’m working on, so I’ll focus on that to keep me sane. I do have some questions for you tho. About sound stuff. I’ll hit you up on Facebook tomorrow, buddy.
  8. I have not ordered from Quest myself, but that’s the one I would personally go for. I’ve looked at everything available out there. And like you, I cannot break the bank to buy more Star Wars stuff. Just not feasible at this time. If I could afford it, I would go with Blaster factory, but the cheapest kit on there is $400. That’s a bare bones blaster. Of course the one I want is 1600$ I’ve also seen the rubber ones that look ok until you realize there’s no Hengstler counter on it. Not really accurate then, in my book. Then the ones on Etsy can be a shot in the dark and they want 200 just for
  9. Hey everyone. Been waiting for the RS sandy to come in. I was notified about three weeks ago that it would be sent out at the end of the week. I was so excited, I felt like a kid about to have Christmas. The next week was the fire at RS. I waited to hear from them but never did. It’s been three weeks, so I had to message to see if mine was sent out before the accident. Unfortunately the area that took the most damage was the packaging area. So my entire commission didn’t make it. At least no one was hurt. That’s the important part. I’ve been working on a Tusken to help pass the time until t
  10. SAME. I’m the biggest I’ve ever been. No gym in a year and non stop eating. Don’t worry, you’re not the only one.
  11. Have you tried sticking anything to it? Specifically velcro. Do you get good adhesion to the bed liner? The helmet idea sounds great. But my concern would be whether the velcro would stay. I’m currently considering just lining the entire helmet with the hook side of the Velcro but I know I won’t be able to cover everything. If the bed liner protects, darkens and is able to handle the adhesive from the Velcro, well then I have a winner for sure.
  12. You’re the best dude. I knew you had something up your sleeve. Lol
  13. On your video for the electronics you said you did another on how you replaced the lenses. I do not see that anywhere. I really like the way you did them, or at least what it looks like you did. Do you have a thread or video of that anywhere? I’d rather have small pieces just over the eyes than can be replaced, rather than a giant strip across the whole front. Plus the super thin acetate lenses are really flimsy and I’m worried about damaging them. I even have the welders shield ready to cut when I finally get my bucket.
  14. This is by far, the best and cleanest installation I’ve seen so far. I commented on your video a while back but I had to say it again here. Great work.
  15. Yes. I didn’t know either until I just asked a day or so ago. His OTTK is phenomenal. Especially if Eric Dyke builds the bucket. So I’m hoping and kind of expecting his FOTK would be of the same caliber. The guy is just a good human being too. I was actually surprised he wasn’t on your list already.
  16. Anyone have any experience with Walts Trooper Factory for a FOTK? His regular storm trooper suits are incredible. The armor is pristine, If a little small from what I’m seeing. I’m not small. I’m 6’1” and 250. Bodybuilding size. But I have Sandtrooper kit coming from RS and I know they make their armor bigger. I also know theirs is closer to screen replica which what I love about their kit so much. Any issues with size or quality with WTF? Is it more screen accurate?
  17. @gmrhodes13 Thank you so much. That is incredibly helpful.
  18. “ I am bad and that’s good. I will never be good and that's not bad. There is no one I would rather be than me.” Move along. Move along
  19. @ukswrathDude, you’re the man! I’ve seen all the electronics you make for the helmets. Absolutely brilliant work. I’ll be purchasing quite a few things from you.
  20. Hello everyone. Been dying to join the 501st for years. Always wanted to be a Stormtrooper since the day I saw Star Wars in the theater in 1977 when I was 4. My first movie in a theater couldn’t have had more of an impression on my life. Ben a huge fan ever since. Never had the time or the ability to make my own armor. Well now I can make the time and with all the people out there making armor, I can finally be one of the coolest and most iconic Sandtroopers to have ever been maliciously mind tricked by that Jedi scum on Tatooine. I have on order from RS Props a commissioned Sandtroop
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