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  1. The shipping wasn’t actually too bad. The price wasn’t bad either. Especially with some of the prices that are being asked for the rubber ones. They gave me updates as to when the blaster would be ready, when it was packaged and then when it was shipped. Very nice people. I would trust a rubber blaster better for trooping. A little less weight and you don’t have to worry about dropping and breaking it. I’ve heard that can happen with the little kids pretty often. Lol.
  2. Here are some picture of the Quest Design E11 as promised. I can always add more if anyone would like another angle. In the last two I laid the Fieldmarshal BlasterFactory E11 next to it for size reference. I think it’s a very well done resin E11. Probably one of the best I’ve seen but there are some issues. One thing I was disappointed by was the lack of writing on the M38. Something I was very much looking forward to whiting out. I also bought an upgrade kit from Tino, that has a lot of metal parts and screws you can add to an resin E11 to make it more realistic. I still have yet to add those pieces. And like Joe said, the Hengstler does need to be raised up a bit. But overall, it’s honestly pretty well done. Very clean seams, and overall very clean piece. I definitely got my money’s worth. It was a good purchase, in my humble opinion
  3. I agree. That’s why I went with it. And short of actual authentic parts, I can use better quality replicas like the ones from Christopher Fieldmarshal at BlasterFactory. I actually have a Fieldmarshal E11 with a real magazine and a real Hengstler. What I’ll probably do is take the M38 replica off that and put it on the Quest when I get a real M38 The one on the Quest isn’t that great. The writing on the one end is barely legible. I’ll do my best to send plenty of pictures later so you can judge for yourself.
  4. I would also recommend Marc’s Blaster kit The Troopercoola JMC. Marc is a fantastic guy and is always willing to help you out if you have any issues. I am looking to purchase one of his myself, in the future.
  5. I actually ordered from them recently and can show you pictures later when I get home. Overall it’s a very nice resin E11. There are a few little things I’d like to change but that’s what modifications are for. Lol.
  6. That’s so cool. I just shared it with everyone I know!! Thank you!!!
  7. Congratulations, Grave!!!!
  8. The paint really turned out nice, Dan. Looking great so far.
  9. Don’t give up Aiden. Just take your time and post as much as you can to get help from the guys here. Everyone here will do their very best to help you. You can do this!! I promise.
  10. I agree Joe. Looks like 7 pins on the side. Not the 8. I know I have a photo somewhere that shows more detail. I’ll look for it tonight.
  11. It’s great having so many enthusiastic people in the community. Basically, thank you everyone for being as nerdy and OCD as I am. Lol.
  12. Just as something I’ve seen and noticed, specifically on the Move Along, maybe the Leia shots as well, I always thought the front chip socket was two stacked. The one towards the rear was the single stack. Probably doesn’t apply for regular stormtroopers, as I’ve not seen many that could be double stacked, besides the ones I listed. Wish there were more pictures.
  13. You should definitely get a bit of money for the greeblies, Joe. You absolutely deserve it for all the work you do, buddy. I have the chips but I would love to get some of the other Greeblies for a few of the E11s I’m working on. Let me know when you have some to send out.
  14. I think you’re exactly right. Probably used whatever they got their hands on. Now if we could only figure out which chips were on which blasters, in which scenes. Too much?? Lol.
  15. I actually thought it was a 14 pin chip socket. Even ordered them from Amazon. Now it looks like a 16 pin from the top picture. But the side looks to be 14. I know a few Sandtroopers who have installed the 14 pins on their replicas. Here was what I looked up on Amazon: BokWin 2.54mm Pitch 7.6mm Row Pitch 2 Row 14 Flat Pins Chip DIP IC Socket Adaptor 25Pcs Here’s the 16 pin to look up on Amazon: uxcell 10pcs 2.54mm Pitch 7.6mm Row Pitch 2 Row 16 Flat Pins Soldering DIP IC Chip Socket Adaptor
  16. It was on the Move Along E11 as well. Front and back. Front looks doubled up and the back looks like a single stack.
  17. Yeah. I can see very clearly the different in the mesh. Really looking forward to seeing you build this. Definitely want to get a shadow myself. Plus the Spec ops are just a great bunch of people.
  18. That’s really strange, the differences in size and no tube stripes. What’s the difference between the hovi tips? I don’t think the picture is clear enough. I was looking at an Anovos shadow kit myself, but I’ve been afraid with all the issues with QC lately. It’ll be cool to see how yours goes.
  19. Hahahahahah. The stamp though. I’m dying here. That’s great.
  20. “Don’t buy armor from eBay they said.” This guy wants 120$ for this “helmet”, do you think it can be approved? Lol
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