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  1. The Lawsuit removed Disney and CBS and Lucasfilm and is going ahead against Anovos since Anovos was unable to provide an valid excuse to dismiss the case. The 501st subreddit has updates on it time to time. Most recent update I think was April/May.
  2. The torso is pretty loose, yes. I'm just trying to figure out about fitment in the torso area for now.
  3. TR-51817 Requesting Access https://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=24924&costumeID=239
  4. Hello, I recently got my Shadow Trooper Approved but while getting it approved, my GML's commented that it was a bit wide. I know it is a Shadow Trooper but I figured since it was an AM 2.0 kit that the guys here would have much more experience. I am aware that the armor kit was made for bigger people but I wondering if any of you AM 2 owners actually thinned the ab and kidney plate to better fit your body. I included a picture to show what I mean about it being a bit wide.
  5. In the movie paul a stormtrooper is seen walking around with black arc trooper stripes and kama. Can anyone explain this please? thanks! at about 1:20 is when he appears in the background.
  6. SO my dad got armor form ebay too on christmas... missing some peices. so he goes on it again and buys from Mypropcollection and i was nervous at first but then i looked him up on here and im relived to see nothing but positive reviews thank goodness! SO any tips to how we assemble it?
  7. Hello I am from Milford DE and my dad is planning on joining the legion as a TX Well... I'm 15 which is why i refer to my dad, but i just looked at some "secret stuff" and found what is in the mail for christmas for me and my brother (Real stormtrooper armor!) These are not the rubies type, these are fan made! Long story short... "Are you a little to short and young to be a stormtrooper?" "Yes, but my dad isn't" Look forward to meeting some of you guys! I also went to CVI as a tie pilot.
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